Respite for flood victims


Respite for flood victims

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Sri D.K. Audikesavulu, Chairman of Vydehi Institute donated Rs. 10 Lakhs towards food, bed sheet, medicine etc. to Karnataka and Andhra Flood Victims

After a long period of drought in parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, came the rain, not to wash away the misery but add more to it. The torrential rainfall battered rural Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, soon developing into a flood of an enormous nature. The deluge swept over the areas, wreaking havoc in terms of life and property. While millions have been left homeless and stranded, hundreds have died in the flood. One of the worst natural disasters of recent times, the flood brought with it misery and pain as it destructed properties, crops, and washed away cattle and people. Roads, railway tracks, bridges, other establishments and structures have been uprooted and reduced to ruins. The water from the overflowing rivers and the ongoing rainfall has made rescue operations extremely difficult in this trying situation. Army and navy have been pressed into relief operations and the situation has been aptly termed as a natural disaster.

The state governments, central government, and various other bodies have set up relief camps and relief funds for the disaster hit victims. It will take months before proper rehabilitation can be provided. Homeless, moneyless, and without food, thousands of people need the blessings of the hour. And the donations pouring in from different sectors will perhaps bring little respite to their lives.  Evacuation operations have already been started but given the enormity and viciousness of the deluge, it will take some more time to tackle the disaster. As a gesture of generosity and kind heartedness, the philanthropic D.K. Audikesavulu, Chairman of Vydehi Institute, has provided loads of bed sheets and food to those affected by the massive flood in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh that has left millions homeless and stranded.