CDE Programme - 2018

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CDE Programme - 2018

CDE Programme - 2018

Programme 1: Date: 19/03/2018 “Medical Issues in Dental Clinics”
Guest Speaker: Dr.Gifty Immanuel MD, PhD, FDS, Head, Department of Infectious Diseases CSI Hospital, Bangalore – 560005
Topic: “Use/Abuse of antimicrobials & their extended use in dental practice”

Speaker: Dr.(Col) Suresh Menon
Topic: “Medically compromised patient in dental clinic”

Speaker: Dr.M.E.Sham
Topic: “Medical emergencies in dental practice”

Speaker: Dr.Veerendra Kumar
Topic: “Emergency drugs in dental practice”

Programme 2: Date: 26/03/2018

“Implant Selection in Dental Practice” Guest Speaker: Dr.Shadab Khan, Director, CEO, MODE Medikal India