Speech Therapy & Audiology

The department of Speech Pathology & Audiology is committed to bring a better quality of life in to the lives of people with communication disorders.

Under the direction of our honourable director the department is equipped with state of art equipments, which makes it one of the unique setups in this half of city (South Bangalore).

Why choose us?

Our staff is comprised of experienced specialists, who are caring, responsive and accessible. Our commitment to continuing education assures that our staff is able to provide the most current & effective treatment for our patients. We feel that a team approach involving the patient, physician, speech language pathologist & other professionals is critical to the success of treatment.

Our commitment is to provide our patients with the quality of services & resources they need to establish or re-establish functional communication & swallowing skills.

Events conducted regularly

  • New Born Hearing screening program
  • High risk screening program
  • Voice conservation program for professional voice users
  • Noise induced hearing loss screening program
  • Mothers training education program