Occupational Therapy Month-2015

Worldwide, the month of April is celebrated as Occupational Therapy Month. Each year, occupational therapy enables people of all ages live life to its fullest by helping them promote health, prevent—or live better with—injury, illness, or disability.

Occupational therapy practitioners focus on "doing" whatever occupations or activities are meaningful to the individual. It is occupational therapy's purpose to get beyond problems to the solutions that assure living life to its fullest. These solutions may be adaptations for how to do a task, changes to the surroundings, or helping individuals to alter their own behaviors.

Department of Occupational Therapy at VIMS & RC had organized awareness drive for Occupational therapy and thus commemorating the Occupational Therapy Month celebrations. It involved sharing the views of our clients, who have directly or indirectly been benefitted by Occupational Therapy services.Many of our clients came up with a lot of write ups citing the gains they made with the help of Occupational Therapy.

A simple quiz had been designed for our respected medical team, which covered a few aspects of Occupational therapy. Their enthusiastic participation is worth mentioning.

.. Head of Occupational Therapy Department

For more information on how occupational therapy can help its clients with various Orthopaedic/ Neurological/ Psychiatry/ Developmental Disability issues, explore their potentials and live life to its fullest, kindly contact staff at Occupational Therapy Dept, Ext. 109, Direct Line- 28413581.