Facilities/Equipment provided at the department

The physiotherapy department provide four kinds of treatments:
  • Thermotherapy
  • Manual and mechanical therapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • InterX Therapy

1. Electrotherapy: Electrotherapy in Vydehi physiotherapy department is available by a high quality computerized machines. These machines give you analgesic, stimulation, muscle strengthening, and also we have the possibility to make biofeedback technique.

2. Mechanical Therapy: In this department this kind of therapy starts from the traditional pulley therapy going to the newest computerized equipement, which treats injuries and gives exact results related to the pathology. We are using advance-taping techniques for treating various strains and sprains.

3. Hydrotherapy: The patient can receive from the hot water multiple benefits and he can be relaxed. There are more physiotherapy equipments to help out patient like thermo or cold therapy, wax, laser etc.

4. InterX Therapy: InterX is an advanced form of Neurostimulation that integrates into existing treatment programs to enable enhanced results with both acute and chronic conditions. InterX identifies and treats very specific nerve ending s displaying sympathetic activity. Current is delivered exactly where the body needs it.

InterX has a faster, greater, longer lasting effect. InterX can be effective where other modalities fail.

The Physiotherapy Department of Vydehi Hospital is well equipped with:
  • Treadmills
  • Static cycles
  • Parallel bars
  • Wall bars
  • Weight and pulley systems
  • Postural balls
  • Balance boards
  • Walking aids