Rehabilitation Services

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Adult Rehabilitation Services

VIR provides complete rehabilitation programme for all its adult cases too. The therapies range from Physical, Occupational and Speech Yoga, Aquatic and Psychotherapy for out-patient as well as those seeking only therapy.

Early Intervention
This new concept of therapy is based on the Carolina Curriculum an assessment and intervention programme designed for young children up to five years of age with mild to severe disabilities.

Early Intervention targets five areas, specifically
  • Psychosocial: The child is encouraged to develop interpersonal skills, self awareness, social behavior and skills to do things independently.
  • Physical: This includes both Gross Motor (bigger muscle motions like walking, running etc) and fine motor (picking object with fingers) movements.
  • Cognitive: Education that helps to develop practical skills, which can be used in developing vocational skills.
  • Self-help: This helps the child learn to cope with daily activities.