Rehabilitation Psycho, Yoga & Occupational Therapy

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Psychotherapy, Yoga

The Psychologists at Vydehi work with children and adults to help them understand relationships. Corrective attitude towards self and outer situations is encouraged to help them cope better with life.

This involves three steps

1. Clinical Psychology: Used for the psychological assessment of patients. This helps to understand their mental problems through various physical conditions that may have caused it.

2. Neuropsychological: This step analyses how the structure and function of the brain relate to specific psychological processes. It also helps assess the damage to the brain, which leads to loss of physical functions.

3. Cognitive Retraining: This process seeks to improve or restore skills in the areas of paying attention, remembering, organizing, reasoning and understanding, problem-solving, decision making, and higher level cognitive abilities. Cognitive retraining is a comprehensive approach to restoring such skills after brain injury or other disability.

Yoga Therapy

Conducted under a trained Yoga teacher. This therapy involves the use of Pranayama, Meditation and Stretching postures.

Occupational Therapy
This therapy is based on the treatment through daily activities. Also known as ‘Ergo Medicine’, it helps disabled people maximize their skills and abilities to achieve independence in their daily activities.

Using goal-directed, activities, disabled persons are treated for neurological, physical, hemiplegia, hand therapy, fractures, backaches, depression, and neurodevelopment conditions like autism and cerebral palsy. The oncology, palliative care and sensory integration programme aims to help patients to lead meaningful and satisfying lives.