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Music Therapy

Music therapy is the use of music by a trained professional to achieve therapeutic goals. Goal areas may include, but are not limited to motor skills, social/interpersonal development, cognitive development, self awareness and spiritual enhancement. This therapy is found to have great value in treating paediatric and geriatric problems.

This includes appropriate guidance, treatment and inventions for a variety of behavior problems in children and adolescents. Behavioral patterns like hyperactivity mood, anxiety and aggressive behavior are identified for accurate treatment options. Care is also provided for developmental disorder such as Austism.

Counseling services are available for adolescent dealing with emotional issues, family conflicts and peer related issues. Parents, teachers and schools are guided on treatment options as well as care.

Genetic disorders can cause both physical and mental disability. VIR’s Early Invention Centre provides clinical genetic evaluation for all children seeking therapy. In case of a suspected genetic condition, comprehensive genetic testing including chromosomes, DNA and metabolic tests are available. Treatment and therapy options are thus provided.

Besides therapeutic support and care, children and adults also receive neurological consultation from time to time deal with issues like epileptic fits, tonal problems etc.

Aquatic Therapy
This therapy is used for both children and adults it is an effective way of treating paralyzed  muscles as well as painful joints. The temperature-controlled pool at Vydehi has water jets that create whirlpools and strong current to allow the stimulation of joints and muscles. It is especially beneficial for young children with physical disabilities as it stand and walk.

Physical Therapy
Physiotherapy is a specialty that evaluates diagnoses and treats disorders of the muscular-skeletal system. The ultimate goal of Physical Therapy is to restore the patient’s maximal functional independence. To achieve this, Physiotherapy treats the reactions and response of the body to injury, diseases or congenital abnormalities. The therapy involves exercise and other methods of applying heat, cold and massage.