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Radiological Safety Affairs

Medical use of x-rays for diagnosis and treatment has proven to be immensely beneficial to the society at large. Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, Bangalore is licensed to operate various x-ray and gamma ray radiation generating equipments.

>> https://elora.aerb.gov.in/ELORA/graphDataListByStateSummary.htm?state=KA. (Use appropriate search filter to locate Vydehi)

>> https://aerb.gov.in/images/PDF/Radiotheraphy/rsd3.pdf (refer page.4)

The institute is governed by the regulations stipulated by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Mumbai. The Atomic Energy (Radiation Protection) Rules, 2004 [AE(RP)R-2004], promulgated under the Atomic Energy Act, 1962, provides the legal framework for the safe handling of radiation generating equipment (in this context - X-ray equipment). As per Rule 3 of AE(RP)R-2004 it is mandatory for all the manufacturers/Suppliers/Users of x-ray equipment, to obtain requisite ‘License’ from AERB for carrying out any of the above activities.

The Department of Radiation Oncology has Mega Voltage X-ray Medical Linear Accelerators: 2Nos; Gamma Radioactive source Brachytherapy: 1No and CT simulator: 1No. There are 29 diagnostic x-ray equipments housed in various approved locations in Department of Radiology, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Urology, Neurosurgery and Dental.

The staff working in radiation area are enrolled in Personal Monitoring Services (PMS), as per the regulations stipulated by AERB, Mumbai.

DIRECTOR, VIMS & RC is the licensee for all regulatory affairs. The designated Radiological Safety Officer (RSO) of the institute is Dr. S. Sowmya Narayanan. Institute has Radiation Safety Committee in place with Director as Chairman of the committee, RSO as Secretary of the committee. Members of the committee are all the HoDs using Radiation Generating equipments.

Dr. S. Sowmya Narayanan
Radiological Safety Officer
080-49069000, Extension: 282