Public Health Dentistry

Preventive and community Denstistry

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Department of Public Health Dentistry is that part of the dental instruction that deals with the prevention of diseases affecting the mouth, teeth and associated structures and by this promoting the overall oral and general health. This department strives to enlighten the dental profession about their responsibilities towards the community and bring about awareness about the social aspects of the profession. Here, instead of the patient coming to the hospital or clinic for dental care, the professionals themselves go to their doorstep to do the same. This is done by conducting regular dental camps using our mobile dental clinic with a team of well trained dentists and interns. By this, even the population at the remotest areas and poorest of conditions can be provided with dental care and management.

  • Dental camps are organized either individually or with the assistance of voluntary oreganisationa or NGO’s
  • Dental health educations to the public, which empowers and motivates individuals to take responsibility for their own well-being
  • Topical fluoride applications using APF gels to prevent dental caries
  • Application of pit & fissure sealants for protuting teeth from dental caries
  • Conducting school dental health programs through which dental care services, education and preventive care will be delivered to school children
  • Dental services at the satellite center at Kalkunte that includes emergency care, dental extractions, fillings, scaling and polishing of teeth with dental health education.

  • Dental chairs, light cure unit, pulp tester
  • Mobile dental clinics with 2 fully equipped dental chairs, aerator, ultrasonic scales an x-ray machines
  • Satellite centre at Kalkunte with 3 dental chairs, ultrasonic scalars and micro motor
  • Health education museum with charts and models of various topics in oral health and disease