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The Department of Psychiatry is a part of the medical hospital of VIMS & RC since 2001-02. It provides comprehensive care for all mental disorders across the life span. It functions like a General Hospital Psychiatry unit (GHPU) with co-ordination & referrals from and to all other departments. It also imparts training to undergraduates & post-graduates in Psychiatry. It has well qualified staff that has varied interests and vast experience. Apart from psychiatrists, the department consists of Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatric nurses & Social workers and thus follows a multidisciplinary approach for patient care & training. It also has an entire Rehabilitation wing attached that offers appropriate services.

The Department of Psychiatry in Vydehi Hospital is committed to provide exemplary clinical care, consultation services and treatment, both to inpatients and outpatients, along with crisis and emergency services. We understand the importance of good mental health and that it is an important part of overall physical well-being, and we work closely with other doctors, nurses, and therapists to ensure your optimal recovery. We venture to offer integrated, comprehensive psychiatric services that empower individuals to change their lives.

Teaching Facility:
  1. Dr.F.A.Sattar Professor & Head

  2. Dr. Bhupender Chaudhary, Associate Professor

  3. Dr. Dr.Kiran Kumar K., Assistant Professor

  4. Dr. Md. Munnawar S. Hussain, Senior Resident

  5. Dr. Mridula P, Senior Resident

  6. Dr. Suhasini Das, Senior Resident

  7. Dr. Shashank B., Junior Resident

  8. Dr. Danish Hussain P., Junior Resident

  9. Dr. Raghul Raj P., Junior Resident

  10. Dr. Savitha M N., Junior Resident

  11. Dr. Manasa S., Junior Resident

  12. Dr. Sharnita P., Junior Resident

  13. Dr. Hari manasa B., Junior Resident

  14. Mr. Thilothama R., PSW

  • RMS ECT Machine with computerized EEG & ECG monitoring.
  • RMS Multi channel biofeedback
  • RMS Relax 701
  • RMS Qudramind for : Sex Therapy, Electrosleep, Brain polarizer & Aversion therapy
  • Sex therapy
  • State of the art minor OT for ECT.