Pledge Your Eyes

Pledge Your Eyes

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Pledge Your Eyes

If you wish to give someone sight then you can pledge your eyes stating here that you would like your eyes to be used to give sight to someone who needs it upon your demise. Download the Eye Donation Testament form and submit it by post or in person to the Vydehi.

Note:- Eyes in any condition can be donated provided they have a healthy cornea

Vyedhi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre,
#82, Nallurahalli,
Near 18th BMTC Bus Depot,
Whitefield, Bangalore – 560066,
Karnataka, India

If you wish to donate the eyes of a deceased member of kin…

  • In case of the donation of eyes of the deceased, the eye should be removed within six hours after death during which the deceased’s eyes lids should be kept closed.
  • After the death of the deceased, immediately call Vydehi and we will arrange for removal of the eyes. We are open 24 hours 365 days a year. Phone No. - 28412956, 28413381/2/3/4/5
  • If you are unable to contact Vydehi, contact your nearest Ophthalmic Institute or Eye Specialist so that they can be removed by a qualified medical professional.
  • Once extracted from the donor, the eyes are scientifically processed, preserved and within hours would have given perfect eye sight to someone.