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Plastic Surgery Micro-vascular Surgery

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Micro-vascular Surgery

Again most demanding area of plastic surgery both surgically as well as patience wise. It requires dedication and long hour of operations
It deals with:
  1. Major soft tissue/ composite tissiue loss reconstruction with free composite tissue transfers
  2. Traumatic limb injuries requiring vascular reconstructions
  3. Soft tissue losses over the face requiring free flaps
  4. Major cancer reconstructions requiring micro-vascular reconstructions
  5. All vascularisation and replantation of the limbs including both macro and micro replantations.
  6. Toes transfers for finger recibstruction in both traumatic loss and congenital absence of finger
  7. Free tissue transfers for external genitalia reconstruction secondary to trauma or any other cause
A micro-vascular laboratory forms an integral part of the department dealing with micro-vascular cases. It provides opportunity to upcoming micro-surgeons to practice and lean new technique on experimental animals. It also enhances scope for research work in the fiels.