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Sterilization room has two Autoclaves, Ultrasonic steriliser, Needle burner and Syringe cutter (for safe disposal).

Clinic: 26 fully equipped electrically operable chairs. Ultrasonic machine cleaning units, multiple sets of surgical instruments including microsurgical instruments, bone grafts and materials for cosmetic dental procedures along with emergency drugs.

Surgical Expertise
The rationale of Periodontal Surgery is to:
  • Control and eliminate the disease process that destroys the tissues anchoring the teeth to the jawbones
  • Improve esthetics
  • Create a healthy oral environment that is easy for maintenance

The various surgical procedures conducted in the department includes-

Periodontal Flap surgery
Periodontal Flap surgery involves the reflection of the gums and exposure of the bone to gain access to remove tartar, diseased tissue and defects of the bone. Most periodontal surgery is corrective in nature and done for the purpose of eliminating infection from the tooth supporting area.

Periodontal Bone Grafting Procedures
Flap surgery is combined with the placement of various natural and artificial bone products, where the tooth has been severely weakened by bone loss by gum disease. A bone graft is used to recreate bone and soft supporting tissues lost due to gum disease. Grafting is a way to replace or help growth of new bone or gum tissue destroyed by the disease.

Osseous Surgery
Osseous Surgery is a type of surgery that reshapes the defects in the bone caused due to gum disease.

Mucogingival surgeries
These surgical procedures are aimed at enhancing the cosmetic appearance of the mouth by coverage of the exposed tooth root, reconstruction of gums lost between the teeth.

Soft tissue grafts
This procedure replaces the gums that have shifted down exposing the root of the tooth. It improves the cosmetic appearance of the gums. Grafted tissue is most often taken from healthy area of the mouth and placed over the affected area.

Gingivectomy is the surgical removal of overgrowth of the gums

Gingivoplasty is a type of gum surgery used to reshape the gums to improve its appearance and is normally done along with Gingivectomy

Crown lengthening
Crown lengthening lengthening is a surgical procedure of increasing the length of tooth crown to prepare for restorative treatment and also for the correction of Gummy Smile

Depigmentation of the gums
Depigmentation of the gums is a procedure to remove excess pigmentation of the gums

Dental Implants
Dental Implants involves the use of artificial roots (titanium screws) to aid in replacement of missing teeth without damaging the other teeth. are for replacing the missing teeth for esthetics and function.

Health Package
  • Tie up with Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences to screen and treat cardiac patients undergoing cardiac surgeries
  • Oral health check up as a part of Master Health check up

OPD schedule and timings
9 am to 4 pm: Monday to Friday
9 am to 1 pm: Saturday
Sunday holiday
Lunch / break for staff: 1 – 2pm