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Laboratory Services


Tests: Complete blood count (20 parameters), ESR, blood grouping & Rh typing, Du test, bleeding time, clotting time, direct and indirect Coomb’s test, sickling test, PT, APTT, peripheral blood smear examination and bone marrow aspiration smear examination.

  1. Sysmex XT1800i-haematology analyzer (20 parameters, 5-part differential)
  2. Cell-Dyn 1700-haematology analyzer (16 parameters, 3 part differential)
  3. MS4e-Haematology analyzer (5-part differential)
  4. Coaguiometer – Trinity
  5. Adelta Optec binocular microscopes
Clinical Pathology
Tests: Urine analysis: specific gravity, pH, albumin, sugar, ketones, urobilinogen, and microscopy
Semen analysis: physical properties, sperm count, motility and morphology

Tests: Body fluid cytology for cell count & differential, fluid and exfoliative cytology for malignant cells, Pap smear (based on Bethesda 2001), buccal smear for Barr body, and fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) – both routine and USG/CT guided.

  1. Olympus CX21 binocular microscopes
  2. Franzen syringe holder

Tests: Routine H & E sections of surgical specimens and biopsies, Special stains on sections – Ziehl Neelsen, Wade-Fite, Congo Red,Masson’s trichrome, Van-Gieson,  Verhoeff’s,  Alcian Blue, Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS) and Perl’s. Immunohistochemistry (IHC) – antibodies available: Cytokeratin, Vimentin, Myoglobin, Desmin, S-100, ER (Estrogen Receptor), PR (Progesterone Receptor), Her-2-Neu, CD3, CD5, CD20.

  1. Yorco Histokinette – automated tissue processor
  2. Olympus CX21 trinocular microscope with attached Nikon Coolpix digital camera connected to computer
  3. Olympus CX21 binocular microscopes
  4. Lawrence and Mayo trinocular microscope
  5. Leica RM2125RT rotary microtome
  6. Biogenex EZ Retriever system v 2.1 – antigen retrieval system for IHC
Blood Bank
Services: Bleeding for transfusion of whole blood, screening tests
Tests: Haemoglobin, Blood grouping and Rh typing, VDRL, HIV, HBsAg, HCV
  1. Qualigens ELISA reader (Qualisystems) and washer (Qualiwash)
  2. Terumo Penpol – blood collection device
  3. Remi- blood collection device
  4. Terumo Penpol S-1000 – tube sealer
  5. INCO – Digital photo colorimeter
  6. Terumo Penpol Blood Bank refrigerator
  7. Remi BR 70 Blood Bank refrigerator