Medical & Paediatric Oncology

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Medical And Paediatric Oncology

The Department of Medical and Paediatric Oncology is the youngest of the departments to be established in the state of the art Vydehi Institute of Oncology and Research centre. The Overall plan of the department has been conceived with the idea of providing affordable cancer chemotherapy for all sections of the population, as well to set up state of the art stem cell transplant facility in the near future. The department conducts daily outpatient clinics and runs a busy daycare chemotherapy facility.


  • Daily outpatient clinics
  • 15 bedded daycare chemotherapy ward.
  • Paediatric oncology services
  • Leukemia services
  • Counselling and screening services

The department offers both curative and palliative chemotherapy services for both adult and paediatric patirnts. It is ably supported by Surgical and Radiation Oncology department. Since cancer requires a multidisciplinary tumour board in order to optimize care and treatment delivery.

The Medical Oncology department plans to establish comprehensive peripheral blood stem cell transplant facility, the work for which is progressing at a rapid pace. This would provide affordale state of the art treatment  for diseases such as lymphomas, multiple myeloma and certain leukemias, as well as certain pediatric malignancies.