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What do they have to say about our oncology services!

The Vydehi Institute of Oncology inspires confidence and hope for International patient community who seek oncology services.

Director of the Vydehi Institute, Mrs. D. A. Kalpaja says, “a comprehensive infrastructure coupled with dedicated professionals make for a effective combination to deliver the accepted standard of care”.

Dr. M. S. Ganesh, Head of Oncology Centre says, “it is common for people to make use of web based information to approach our oncology centre and seek treatment. Head and neck, breast, gynaecological and colorectal cancers account for the most common cancers and the results match the best because of the international treatment guidelines that are framed and also a tumor board based management approach which the centre follows”.

Here are few testimonials from patients who have been successfully treated at our Centre.

Mr. Shukhrat Raimbaev , son of Raimbaev Zukhra, Project Finance Controller Huawei Tech Investment Tashkent, CIS Region Finance Management Department, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

“Overall our opinion is positive about services and care provided by oncology department. Doctors take care of their patients with responsibility and professionalism. From time to time they checked the condition of the patient in order to be sure that medical treatment provided is being carried effectively.

Especially my greatest gratitude goes to Dr Ganesh who supported me and my mom (patient) from the beginning, starting with preparatory works up to departure from the hospital. Also I would like to mention the professionalism and responsibility of sisters who carried out their job with great patience and care, although my mom gave them hard time not cooperating some times ”.

So thank you all.

Dr.M.S.Ganesh, Head of Oncology - explains
(Mr. Shukrat Raimbaev son of Ms. Raimbaev Zukhra – residents of Tashkent, Uzbeskistan, consulted Vydehi Institute of Oncology, online for treatment of brain metastasis for his mother. The patient was admitted on 14-12-12 in a drowsy state due to cerebral edema and after evaluation underwent whole Brain RT and also medical management. She made excellent recovery becoming fully conscious and mobile and was discharged in a fair condition.)

Ms. Liubov from Russia

Liubov“I am glad that I approached Vydehi Institute of Oncology, by the grace of God Sri Satya Sai Baba. I am happy that my surgery for a large ovarian tumor was carried out successfully”.

(Ms. Liubov presented with a massive ovarian tumor which measured and weighed about 24 kgs which was causing extreme compression symptoms for her. The Surgical oncology team could carry out the excision successfully with no pre or post operative complications and succeeded in discharging the patients by six days.)

Mr. Salim Jened from Kenya

Salim Jened“We approached Vydehi Institute of Oncology, Bangalore, after our initial treatment for rectal cancer with radiation and chemotherapy at a prominent tertiary care centre in Chennai. We derived confidence from the fact that the surgical oncology team decided to carry out a sphincter conserving rectal surgery which would avoid a permanent colostomy, which otherwise was imminent. Post operation we are relieved and extremely thankful to the entire team for having carried out the surgery successfully, with no complications and we will be travelling back to Kenya. Based on our experience here during the treatment, we would like to suggest that there should be one more pharmacy to overcome the rush and delay it causes”.

(Mr. Salim Jened underwent a low anterior resection and a double stapled anastomosis for post radio chemo residual rectal cancer and could avoid a permanent colostomy.)

Ms. Afroza Begum from Bangladesh

Afroza Begum“We were referred by an old acquaintance from Kolkota, India who was treated at the Vydehi Oncology Centre. I had a breast cancer and when we approached Vydehi Institute of Oncology for treatment, we were extremely glad to note that that my case was discussed by surgeons, as well as radiation oncologist on the first day of my visit. I was told that it was possible to conserve my breast while undergoing removal of the cancerous tumor. I was quite nervous before the surgery, but am extremely relieved to hear that my surgery went on successfully and the radiation oncologists also inserted radiation wires at the surgery site which would quicken my treatment period. I am thankful and glad that I chose Vydehi hospital for my treatment”.

(Mrs. Afroza Begum underwent breast conservation surgery followed by intraoperative brachytherapy and is likely to be cured of her disease due to its early stage presentation.)