Oral Pathology

Oral Pathology

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Oral Pathology is the specialized branch of dentistry, dealing with pathologies associated with hard tissues and soft tissues of the mouth. Our branch deals specifically with the various of oral mucosa, Teeth, Jaw bows and salivary glands.

We can term it as a previledge department were confirmatory diagnosis for oral lescon  is given by Histopathology because the treatment is decided by final diagnosis only.

We have experienced oral pathologist to diagnosis the cases

Research On Work Done In Past Or Ongoing (Urreniz)

Research on going currently are
  1. Exfoliated cytology on white lesion, habit associated lesion. The aim of the study is to see changes at cellular changes
  2. Survey on eruption for deciduous teeth
    The aim of the study is to find out whether any variation is there in the eruption time range for the deciduous teeth in pediatric patients
  3. Study of (reactive protein levels in a patients with charic Periodontics to evaluate the risk of cardiac pathology (Research planned)