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Oral Pathology Services / Facilities

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Services and Facilities

The following services are provided to the patients by our department

Clinical Haemotology
Blood investigations like HB%, BT, CT, ESR, TC, DC and Blood grouping.

Clinical Biochemistry
Complete Urine Analysis, RBS, FBS, PPBS, Blood Urea, Blood Creatinine, Serum Cholestrol

HIV, Hbs Ag, VDRL, ASLO, CRP, RA Factor

We give confirmatory diagnosis for the biopsy specimen which is been sent to the department.

  • We follow a strict sterilization method for patients benefit, since we deal with syringes, blood samples, Urine samples etc.
  • Our department is equipped with Dental Chairs with required attachments of equipments which will enable us to check the clinical presentation of the disease in the patient’s Oral Cavity and also helps us to withdraw blood from patients.
  • Our laboratory equipments are advanced that will enable us to perform through examination of Blood, Urine and Saliva etc.
  • We have advanced equipments for processing of biopsy specimen and research Micro Scope which will aide in diagnosis.