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The department of Community Medicine deals with both healthy and diseased people in the community. The goal of the department is to have a healthy society. With regard to this preventive and promotive care along with early diagnosis and treatment of diseases is stressed. Health awareness programmes are conducted in villages, schools, angawadis to promote healthy lifestyle.

Emphasis is on good nutrition, physical activity, including healthy habits, prevention of drug abuse, promoting small family norm to improve the standard of living among underprivileged people especially in rural and urban slums.

Health awareness programmes are also conducted for IT companies regarding healthy lifestyle, prevention of diseases and screening programmes done for early diagnosis of diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension and coronary heart diseases.

Screening programmes are carried out on elderly people in rural and urban slums too for early detection of their problems e.g. cataract, Hypertension, Diabetes, Cancer and Dental problems and they are referred to VIMS & RC or Vids Accordingly for further evaluation and ophthalmology department for surgery and thus helping in restoration of sights.

Under school health awareness programmes the children gain knowledge on topics such as personal hygiene, environmental hygiene, deleterious effects of drugs, prevention of STDs and AIDS. In school health check-up, the children are screened for any health problems e.g. refractive error, anemia, helminthiasis and given treatment according to the condition.

Anganwadi health check-ups are carried out to assess nutritional and health status of under 5 children and detect diseases for referral and treatment to VIMS & RC. Health check-ups are also done for antenatal mothers and postnatal mothers and family planning advice given.

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