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The Department of Microbiology at Vydehi Hospital caters to the diagnostic needs of Vydehi Hospital in addition to carrying out Teaching programmes and research activities.

Diagnostic services
Over 40,000 microbiological investigations are carried out annually in different sections of the department namely Bacteriology, Serology, Immunology, Parasitology, Mycology & Virology. On an average about 120 specimens are received per day. All the investigations for common infectious diseases like culture and sensitivity of urine, pus, including HIV, HbsAg and fungal cultures are carried out. Periodic bacteriological monitoring of operation theaters are carried out with modern methods of air sampling and standard procedures. Antibiotic sensitivity testing for all isolates is carried out with the latest antibiotics as per the guidelines of National Committee of Clinical Laboratory Services (NCCLS). Also, the internal quality control is maintained using standard methodology and state of art facilities.

Research activities
The teaching staff of our department actively participates in the activities of the academic society of the institution. Presentations on topics like “HIV Serostatus VIMS experience”, Bird Flu- Birds eye View’ and “Laboratory diagnosis of Leptospirosis” are some of the highlights to name of a few. Also, the department carries out the laboratory work of thesis of DNB postgraduates of the institute.