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Mammography is a low-dose X-ray procedure used to produce a film or digital image of your breast, which is called a mammogram. Often, this procedure can identify breast cancer long before it can be detected by a physical examination.

The centre provides X-ray mammography facilities using CR facilities. In addition, high resolution sonomammography are also routinely performed, which are useful for detection of very small cancers and multiple cancerous areas in breast, especially in younger and high risk women.

Experts with Vydehi Oncology Institute recognize the important role mammograms play in the early detection of breast cancer, together with regular self exams and an annual physical exam performed by a trained professional. We encourage all women to begin regular mammography screenings starting at age 40.

Women at higher risk for breast cancer may be advised to begin at a younger age. Understanding your risk of breast cancer is another important component to prevention and early detection. The factors that put some women at even greater risk include age, a family history of breast cancer, having borne no children or having given birth after the age of 30.

Some warning signs of breast cancer-
  • Any lump or thickening in the breast / underarms.
  • Any discharge from the nipple
  • A change in size or shape of the breast.
  • A change in colour of feel of the skin of the breast (skin thickening, dimpling, puckering etc).
  • Pain is usually not a sign of early breast cancer
  • Family history of cancer : The risk doubles for a woman whose mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, aunts or cousins have had the disease