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Facilities / Equipments

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The Space provided is as required, wherein to commensurate with the number, type and range of tests performed the level of automation available, and degree of computerization, workload and manpower. Adequate space is also provided to enable efficient maintenance of equipment and ensuring safety of personnel.

  • Sample collection
  • Sample analysis.
  • Storage of samples, reagents, and chemicals spares, stationary and records.
  • Washing.
  • Seminar room and library
  • Staff room
  • Toilets

The laboratory is housed in the, as a result it is well lit and air-conditioned basement. Un-interrupted power supply is made available as the lab ups, is connected to the hospital ups.


    Unicell dxc 600 and a synchron 5 pro clinical chemistry system from Beckman coulter, with a through put of 990 tests/hr and 5 parameters like glucose, , electrolytes with a turn around time of 1 mit Delivers the results for 90 basic metabolic panels in an hour.

    Access immunoassay system from Beckman coulter is used for analysis of hormones, cardiac markers etc.

    Beckman centrifuges 2 in these the sectors used in the analyzers can be placed directly in them and centrifuged

    Pathology Section :
    We at vydehi maximize our Laboratory Efficiency with 5-Part Differential Analysis. We are one of the few hematology laboratories conducting 5-part differential analysis. The COULTER AC•T™ 5diff delivers accurate test results

    Acl Elite Pro
    Roller LC & MC : Automated ESR Analyzers
    iChem Velocity – Urine chemistry analyzer

    Q200 – Urine Microscopy analyser
    Thin Prep Liquid based cytology from Nanocyt
    Tissue Processor, Embedding Station , Microtome , Autostainer & Cryostat from Leica
    Grossing Station from Istos

    Blood Bank :
    The donor station 
    The donor station has a uniquely designed chair wherein the leg position suits the hemodynamics of the human body for ensuring safe and comfortable blood donation and minimizes the onset of vasovagal attacks.

    Blood Collection Monitor 
    The gentle oscillation movement ensures continuous and uniform mixing of blood with anticoagulant to eliminate blood clots. This lightweight compact tube sealer conserves space in the work area and has international safety certification It produces hermetic seal by waves minimising contamination and haemolysis of blood and blood components and the sealing head is easy to clean

    1. Blood Weighing Scale
    Intelligent Expressor:The Blood/Component Weighing Scale provides accurate weight and volume of blood and its components.Intelligent Expressor:The Blood/Component Weighing Scale provides accurate weight and volume of blood and its components.

    Plasma Expressor:The optical sensor heads of the electronic plasma expressor provides precise separation with minimum contamination.

    2. Blood Bank refrigerator
    The unique forced airflow system ensures uniform temperature to all units of blood with maximum variation of +- 1ºC in all parts of the cabinet.

    The Thermo Scientific RC12BP Low-Speed Centrifuge provides Superior separations and increased productivity reliability and safety for use in our lab and clean room environments. With the ability to run up to 12 blood bags or 12 L of sample in a single run, the Sorvall RC12BP offers high-throughput to meet the most demanding lab requirements.

    40and -70 refrigerantors:All refrigerant used are non CFC, non HCFC, non flammable and commercially easily available. Temperature range: -40°C to -70°C. With Electronic temperature control system

    Plasma thawer:The QuickThaw DH4 uses both controlled temperature and agitation to substantially reduce thaw times while ensuring the safety of your plasma.

    Platelet incubator:It is convenient and easy to operate, allowing us to load, program, and walk away. The PC100i is an i.Series countertop platelet incubator that provides the security of a continuously controlled temperature environment with an efficient use of counter space. Features Center Integrated Monitoring System with: Advanced monitoring of temperature, agitator motion, and door openings are Password protected with Automatic alarm testing at the touch of a button

    Microbiology Section : Bact Alert & Vitek Compact from Biomerieux
    Laminar air flow
    Biosafety Cabinets from Esco
    ELISA Reader
    GeneXpert Module IV


The laboratory runs round the clock.