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The time proven science of Ayurveda is manifested in the exclusive treatment centre of Vydehi Ayurveda(Vayu)
Vydehi Ayurveda(Vayu) can be rightly called ‘the complete healing centre’ where the ancient system of Ayurveda is practiced. This time tested medical science addresses the preventive and curative aspects of diseases. Also, positive health and therapeutic measures relating to physical, mental, social and the spiritual are comprehensively attended here.

The Vydehi Ayurveda Centre (VAYU) at Vydehi is a complete Ayurvedic treatment facility with both in-patient and out-patient facilities. Equipped with an inviting green campus located in the heart of Whitefield, VAYU delivers authentic Kerala Ayurveda treatments and medicines. The Vydehi Ayurveda Centre has treatments that are curative, preventive & rehabilitative.

This premium Ayurveda Centre is located within the 1600 beds, state-of-the-art multi speciality hospital- Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre. Vydehi Ayurveda(Vayu) is backed by South India’s leading Ayurvedic institution – Kerala Ayurveda Pharmacy Ltd. (KAPL).

The center offers specific treatments for ailments ranging from rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis to infertility and peptic ulcer; in truth practically every ailment the human body suffers from. Each treatment plan is a blend of Ayurvedic therapies, herbal medicines, daily routines, yoga, meditation and specific dietary regimens.

The individual’s treatment here is unique. An Ayurvedic Physician considers all aspects of the patient, including basic body constitution (prakruthi) and charts the treatment. This is carried out by a qualified team of Ayurveda therapists and expert nursing staff.

Special in-house therapeutic programmes Include
  • Detoxification (Panchakarma)
  • Stress Management
  • Rejuvenation
  • Anti Obesity

In addition, Vydehi Ayurveda(Vayu) offers a full range of outpatient treatments for various ailments together with rejuvenation & stress management packages for working professionals.

  • Exe Care Programme
  • Exe Care Royale Programme
  • Nirvana-Full Day Programme

All the programmes offer excellent results and answers to ailments. Do call the number overleaf for an appointment or if you wish to have details.

Miracles at Vydehi Ayurveda(Vayu)

Case studies
Fifty eight year old D.J. is from the UK and has suffered from lumbar disc prolapsed and degeneration since 1996. Lumbar spines were fixed with metallic screws in a surgery in 1998. With no respite from agonizing pain and sleepless nights, he was on a daily dose of over 20 pain killers. After Panchakarma treatment for 14 days at Vydehi Ayurveda, D.J. is a new man, able to do any physical activity and with normal sleep patterns.

P.S. suffered for years from Psoriasis, a condition that resulted in thick flakes and severe itching over her entire body. Years of attempting conventional remedies failed. Her Panchakarma treatment for 21 days with a follow up six months later gave her a new lease of life. The ailment has not recurred.

For Ayurveda related queries visit our Ayurveda Specialty website Vydehi Ayurveda (VAYU)

Department of Vydehi Ayurveda(Vayu),
Vydehi Hospital,
#82, Nallurahalli, Near BMTC 18th Depot,
Whitefield, Bangalore - 560 066
Phone : 2841295628412956, 28413381/2/3/4/5, Ext: 201