Anesthesiology Facilities

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Facilities and Procedures

The fully air conditioned Operation Theatre unit consists of 12 operation theatres, each having a central oxygen and nitrous oxide supply and central suction. There are 10 beds for anaesthetic and post anaesthetic care each. Two of the operation theatres are fabricated with stainless steel and have laminar airflow all around. 

The Facilities are Distributed as follows
OT – I & II General Surgery
OT – IV Orthopaedics (Steel OT Laminar flow)
OT – V Ophthalmology
OT - VI & VII Obstetrics and Gynaecology
OT – VIII General Surgery
OT – IX Septic OT
OT – X Emergency OT
OT – XI Orthopaedics
OT – XII Super Specialty
Facilities available in each O.T unit
  • Waiting room for patients                                            
  • Soiled linen room                                                  
  • Sterilization room                                                  
  • Nurses duty room                                                   
  • Surgeons & Anesthetists room for males and females.          
  • Assistants room                                                  
  • Observation gallery for students. Telemedicine facility is Available in OT complex with CCTV
  • Store room                                                             
  • Washing room for surgeons & Assistants
  • Students washing up and dressing up room