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About Us

 Vydehi Hospital in Bangalore is one of India’s largest super speciality hospitals with a capacity of 1600 beds. Using a unique approach to charity, 30% of the beds in all departments of the hospital have been reserved for the needy and free medical services are provided. The Vydehi Hospital provides free services to the poor and needy including free treatment, surgeries, diagnostics, imaging, free food, free medicines and follow-up care. It is distinguished by the services of highly qualified senior full time surgeons and physicians. The services of specialists are available round the clock to attend the emergencies.

The Vydehi Hospital has been recognized as the ‘Venue of Life Savers’ in Bangalore. Since its incorporation in the year 2000, promoted by Srinivasa Trust, its resource management and able deployment of technology and knowledge to the service of mankind especially downtrodden has brought Vydehi Hospital recognition and acceptance. The Vydehi Hospital today is known as an integrated healthcare provider. The hospital is equipped with advanced Hi-tech equipments and facilities like state-of-the-art MRI, Spiral CT Scan, Cardiac Echo Machine, Cardiac Cathetrization Lab, Ultrasound Equipment, Linear accelerator; etc. It boasts of the following services like Medicine, Surgery, Ophthalmology, ENT, Dermatology, Orthopaedics, Psychiatry, Pulmonology, Paediatrics, OBG, Anaesthesiology, Oncology, Cardiology, Urology, Nephrology Dental and Speciality clinics. All Diagnostic facilities are available through Central Diagnostic Lab and Radiology Departments.

Promoting quality healthcare to every human being the motto of Vydehi hospital, we take every opportunity to associate to fulfill our endeavor. Yashaswini Farmer’s Co-operative Health Insurance Scheme, promoted by Government of Karnataka, being an innovative effort to provide world class healthcare at the lowest cost possible, Vydehi Hospital is identified as a responsible partner in this path breaking venture.

Vydehi Hospital is distinguished by the services of highly qualified senior full-time surgeons and physicians trained in India and abroad. They are well supported by the resident doctors to take care of patients requiring any surgical intervention. The services of specialists are also available round the clock to attend to any emergencies. Qualified and experienced Nurses and Technicians form the para medical back bone of the care provided.

Objective of the Hospital
  1. Provide optimum services to all people whoever seeks health services thereby contribute to improve quality of life.
  2. Early diagnosis and effective treatment along with preventive medicine is to be delivered to people of all strata to create a healthier society.
  3. Provide necessary facilities for education and research to facilitate good health for the masses and to produce qualitative professional graduates for the country.
Organize continuing education programme and free Medical camps for all the professionals and patients in various disciplines and ensure their active participation to update the knowledge for meeting the changing needs of the society.