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Psychiatry Facilities

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Name of the Equipment
1.Electroconvulsive Therapy Machine with computerized EEG & ECG monitoring.
2.Multi channel biofeedback
3.Multi channel digitalized biofeedback - Relax 701
4.Quadramind for : Sex Therapy, Electro sleep, Brain polarizer & Aversion therapy
5.State of the art minor OT for ECT.
6.Psychometric and psycho diagnostic equipment

Facilities: / Service Provided:

Service Provided
1. Emergency Psychiatry care
2. Acute Psychiatry care
3. Consultation liaison psychiatry
4. Sub-acute and chronic Psychiatry care
5 .Psychosocial Rehabilitation services


  • Acute Care & Emergency services both  for male and female
  • General Psychiatry Ward separate for Male and female
  • De-addiction services
  • High Risk Suicide prevention services
Facility for Special wards available


      • Well Equipped Consultation Rooms
      • Consultation with highly qualified and experienced faculty
      • Therapy – Biological, Psychological & Behavioral
      • Psycho-social interventions
      • Crisis intervention services

    Special Clinics: 2-4 pm  
    Monday    Memory and Dementia Clinic
    Tuesday Dead Diction Clinic
    Wednesday Child Guidance Clinic
    Thursday Headache Clinic
    Friday Marital and Psycho Sexual Clinic

    Special Therapy Units:

    1. Bio-Feedback therapy
    2. Relaxation Therapy
    3. Multi Behavior Therapy
    4. Brain Polarizer Therapy
    5. Sex therapy
    6. Aversion Therapy
    7. Electro Sleep Therapy
    8. Electro Convulsive Therapy
    9. Cognitive – Behavior therapy

      Health checkups/special investigations:

    10. Pre employment mental health checkups’ mental health check up as a part of Master Health check up & Executive health check up
      Community outreach programme
      School Mental Health programme
      Psychiatric and Psychological evaluation for Organ trans-plantation programme
      Psychoeducation programme for the corporate.

      Psychological Testing

    1. Neuropsychological Tests
    2. Intelligence Tests
    3. Psychodiagnostic tests

    Ongoing Research programmes:

    1. A comparative study of different modalities of treatment in Nicotine Dependence Syndrome.
    1. A study of Psychiatric morbidity and psychosocial factors associated with Adolescent Suicide attempts.
    2. Psychosocial Factors and Personality Profile In Early Onset And Late Onset Typologies Of Alcohol Dependence Syndrome.
    3. A Prospective study of clinical profile of suicide attempters in VIMS & RC
    4. Recent trends and attitudes of use of ECT