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The department comprises of Undergraduate and Post graduate clinics sprawling over an area of more than 7000 square feet. The department is well equipped with 45 electrically operated dental chairs, fully functioning sterilization unit, state-of-the-art armamentarium which includes a LASER equipment, Implant surgical kit and a department library which caters to the needs of undergraduate and post graduate students as well as the teaching faculty of the department. Since all periodontal procedures are associated with bleeding utmost importance is given to asepsis. Sterile sets of instruments are used for every patient to avoid cross infection. A staff nurse is trained to assist during all the surgical procedures and handle any medical complications that may arise. All biomedical waste that is generated is segregated disposed off in the recommended way. Needles are incinerated and cut and common disposal of blood contaminated waste is facilitated by the hospital. The average patient inflow is 40 new patients besides old appointment and recall cases. At the undergraduate level we impart training in a group as well as on an individual basis so as to prepare the student to diagnose, treat periodontal diseases and make referrals for specialist care when required. The program aims at producing a graduate competent in diagnosis, clinical work and interdisciplinary work. The undergraduate program commences in III year with lectures and clinical exercises and continues through final year and internship.

In III year the students are trained to diagnose and treat simple cases. Prior to working on patients students are made to practice simulatory work on a dental model so as to minimize the errors done while actually working on patients. All cases are carefully monitored by the teaching staff to enable the student to fine tune their skills without making any gross errors. Part of the curriculum also involves every student to be involved in making a poster which is informative to patients and serves to impart information about dental care in a well laid out and easy to understand format. In the IV year of BDS the student is challenged with complicated cases which they must diagnose, treat and monitor over the entire course of treatment. At any given point of time the staff to student ratio does not exceed 1:1.5. This allows all students to receive individualized attention.

The internship program is comprehensive which involves diagnosing and treating patients, who are medically compromised, treatment planning for interdisciplinary work, preparing patients for surgical procedures, use of modern dental equipments and performing a variety of periodontal surgeries.

The post graduates are involved in the management of cases which have a plethora of medical complications such as patients undergoing cardiac surgeries at the Sri Sathya Sai super specialty institute – a tertiary centre for cardiac and neurology cases, patients undergoing Cardiac/ Neurology/ Dermatology/ ENT procedures in Vydehi Institute for Medical Sciences. Further they are trained in periodontal surgical procedures under the supervision of the staff. Each surgical case is carefully documented and is used to analyze the results following surgical therapy. Monthly seminars using multimedia presentations and fully documented surgical case reports are mandatory for all post graduates.

Why Choose us?
Excellent patient inflow, experienced and dedicated staff, exposure to a wide variety of cases, hands on teaching program for surgical cases, well equipped library including online access to international journals.