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On going research project undertaken by the faculty members in collaboration with other departments at Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre

Dr.Santosh-An Immunohistochemical study of Ki 67 antigen levels in psoriasis-a comparative analysis with normal skin

Research projects:

1. Multi instituitional DBT project: “Microbial bioprocess system to synthesize Magnetic Nanoparticles suitable for cancer treatment. Coinvestigator- Dr. Sumana BS.

2. Diagnostic efficacy of Guided FNAC in Intraabdominal masses - Dr. Prathima S.

3.Hematological and Morphological Changes of blood cells in HIV patients - Dr. Prathima S.

4.Are platelets Indices a useful tool in patients with dengue infection? – A case control study. Dr. Roja, Dr. Shashikala, Dr Prathima S, Dr. Rekha Singh.

5.Megakaryocyte morphology in cases of thrombocytopenia - Dr. Shashikala, Dr. Roja, Dr Prathima S, Dr. Rekha Singh.

6.Evaluation of biomarkers – ER, PR, Her2-neu in breast carcinoma and their correlation with established prognostic factors - Dr. Rishiraj Baruah, Dr.Sumana B S, Dr A S Shivarudrappa.

7.Spectrum of gastrointestinal malignancies in a tertiary care center - Dr. Manasa K, Dr A S Shivarudrappa.

8.Correlation of bone marrow aspiration and bone marrow biopsy finding in hematological disorders - Dr. Rashmi G Basavraj, Dr A S Shivarudrappa.

9.Correlation of FNAC and histopathological examination of thyroid lesions- Dr. Kiran Verma, Dr A S Shivarudrappa.

10.Diagnostic role of reporting thyroid cytology by Bethesda system - Dr Prasit Kumar Ghosh, Dr Sumana B.S.

11.Correlation of serum Prostate specific antigen with histomorphology in prostatic lesions- Dr. Tejshee Bhushan, Dr Sumana B.S

12.Correlation of FNAC and biopsy of Lymph nodes - Dr. Ankita Mehta, Dr Prathima S.

13. Dr.Santosh-An Immunohistochemical study of Ki 67 antigen levels in pso riasis-a comparative analysis with normal skin.

14. Distribution and pathological features of periampullary lesions. Dr. Kadiri anusha, dr. Niranjan. J.

15. Histopathological spectrum of non-infectious papulosquamous lesions of skin. Dr. Spoorthi Srinivas, dr. Shivarudrappa A S.

16. Diagnostic utility of aspiration cytology in evaluation of lateral neck swelling. Dr. Anita kumari, Dr. Prathima S.

17. The role of testicular fine needle aspiration in male infertility. Dr. Sameeranandan reddy, Dr. . Niranjan. J.

18. Study of platelet indices and its role in evaluation of thrombocytopenia. Dr. Khushboo saran, Dr.. Vidya .K.

19. Significance of serum vascular endothelial growth factor levels in cancer patients and correlation with clinicopathological parameters. Dr.Harini v.r, Dr. Sumana B S.

20. Assessment of human sperm dna integrity by modified aniline blue method and its correlation with routine semen analysis in infertility evaluation. Dr. Vishnupriya.v, Dr. Vidya. K.

21. A clinical and histopathological study of spectrum of lesions in urinary bladder: Dr. Tarun mittal, Dr. Niranjan j.

22. Histopahological spectrum of thyroid lesions and its correlation with ultrasonography and thyroid profile: Dr. Nimisha gupta, Dr. Prathima. s

23. Stromal cd10 expression in invasive breast carcinoma and its correlation with clinicopathological parameters and molecular subtypes- an immunohistochemical study. Dr. Kavya N, Dr. Sumana.B.S

24. Application of cytological grading system in palpable breast lump with histopathological correlation: Dr. Shruthi Reddy, Dr. Niranjan J

25. Categorization of thyroid fnac using bethesda system for reporting with clinico radiological correlation. Dr. Gollapalli Keerthy Sudha, Dr. Vidya.K

26. The role of milan’s system in reporting salivary gland cytopathology. Dr.Supriya Tiwari, Dr. Prathima.S

27. Study of histopathological changes in locally advanced breast cancer after neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Dr. Sameena, Dr. Shashikala.V