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Oral Pathology

Oral Pathology Departments

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Oral Pathology is the specialized branch of dentistry, dealing with pathologies associated with hard tissues and soft tissues of the mouth. Our branch deals specifically with the various of oral mucosa, Teeth, Jaw bows and salivary glands.

We can term it as a privilege department where confirmatory diagnosis for oral lesion is given by Histopathology because the treatment is decided by final diagnosis only. We have experienced oral pathologist to diagnosis the cases.

Adequate updated and well illuminated practical hall and diagnostic laboratory. Staff rooms and lecture halls have the state of art facilities.

Teaching Facilities
We follow the in-house training methodologies under the dental education cell. We have access to the latest audio – visual equipments.

Highly qualified, experienced teachers with training in teaching, research and diagnostics.

Latest Equipment
Existing equipments will be updated to molecular techniques and automation to cater to the changing medical infrastructure.