Vydehi Institute of Dental Sciences
Oral Medicine and Radiology

Oral Medicine Services

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Services provided to the patients:

  • Routine dental checkup
  • Diagnosis, investigation and medical management of oral lesions and systemic conditions
  • Investigations are advised to necessary aid in diagnosis and further treatment
  • Necessary Biopsies are carried out (Incisional,  excisional, FNAC, Brush biopsy and punch biopsy)
  • Pulp vitality tests are done
  • Neuro sensory evaluation is done
  • Head and neck cancer pain management
  • Conservative management of Temporo Mandibular joint disorders
  • Management of odontogenic and non odontogenic orofacial pains
  • Trigger point injections and nerve blocks for pain management
  • Intra lesional injections for oral submucous fibrosis patients
  • Oral pre cancer and cancer screening and their management
  • Diagnosis of oromucosal lesions and their management.

Oral Radiology:

Intra oral radiographs taken

  • Intra oral periapical
  • Bite wing
  • Occlusal
  • Direct Digital Imaging (RVG) using computer

Extra oral radiographs taken

  • OPG- Orthopantomograph, TMJ view, Sinus view, Lateral cephalogram(Both Conventional and Digital)
  • Other skull views
  • For hospitalized patients required dental assistance is provided
  • CBCT for the maxillofacial region