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The Department of Ophthalmology has a comprehensive program of patient care that exposes patients to the latest therapies, and a cutting edge team of examiners who carry out both clinical trials and research.

The Department offers both out-patient services and in-patient services. Our medical faculty is comprised of practitioners in each area of Ophthalmology. Whether you need a routine eye exam or a refractive surgeon there is a doctor in our department from whom the patient will receive excellent treatment.

The Department uses state-of-the-art procedures to provide patients with the best possible results and delivers expert care for ocular disorders of children and adults alike. Moreover, as academic clinicians, our faculty works to develop new and better treatment modalities to advance the field of ophthalmology. We provide quality service ad products to patients and deliver services to difficult cases.


The Ophthalmology Department at Vydehi Hospital offers a wide range of outpatient surgical and tertiary services for diseases of the eye and surrounding structures. The Department has faculty trained in the various sub-specialties and is setting up clinics in oculoplasty, cornea service, glaucoma service, paediatric ophthalmology cataract service and retina service. The service is personal and patients can choose which doctor they would like to see. The service is provided at no cost to the socio-economically weak patients, along with paying patients who are also growing in number. We offer the following services:

  • Screening, treatment & rehabilitation of children with delayed milestones and premature neonates
  • Cataract extraction and IOL implantation free of cost to the poor.
  • Phacoemulsification ad IOL implantation
  • Oculo plasty including management of lacrimal sac and orbital disorders
  • Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment
  • Screening and treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Angiography, Laser Photocoagulation, Intravitreal Anti- VEGF agents
  • Management of retinal detachments(simple+complicated), vitreous haemorrhage
  • Diagnosis and treatment of corneal disease and an Eye Donation Centre
  • Attached Optician service and contact lens clinic
  • Neuro-ophthalmology and neurological field evaluation.
  • Uveitis diagnosis and treatment.