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Vydehi Medical College: Student Reviews

A beautiful VIMS campus is what welcomes us - students, on our first day of college. Once there, it doesn't take long to feel at home with friendly faculty and friends. The dedication showed by faculties keeps us motivated in reaching our goals.

We are encouraged to think out of the box, ask as many questions as possible. Lecturers go out of their way to make the curriculum as enjoyable as possible so that we can learn and perform well both in academics and gain hands-on knowledge as well. This is one of the best institutes to learn and shape your career.

Usha Rani
MBBS 2018 Batch

Not everyone will have the fortune of learning with a wonderful institution like VIMS. I must say, I consider myself lucky to part of the esteemed institutions.

Like us, the faculties are dedicated. They are easily approachable to clarify our doubts and are always ready to help. The campus is fantastic, and the greenery makes you feel at home. I am really proud to be part of this institution and hope to make the best out of my learning here.

MBBS 2017 Batch

Our VIMS College is as good as it can get:
● Great infrastructure
● Awesome and supportive faculty.
● Numerous conferences are conducted throughout the year that gives us a chance to interact with industry specialists.
● Equipment is up-to-date. The crowd is great too.
● A pleasant feeling campus.
● With food hostel facilities is available for students coming from different parts of India.
● An internship facility with a stipend is available as the hospital is open to students for learning.

Chinthan Gowda
MBBS 2017 Batch

I have been part of the VIMS institution. One thing I can say for sure is, if you are a hard-working student, then being associated with this institution can take you to places. The faculty are knowledgeable, and they help you get your basics right the first time. College life mostly revolves around studying. But I guess that is how life is for people who want to get involved in the life-saving profession. My friends have been an amazing help. Here I can rely both on faculty and friends. With both of them by my side, I already feel close to achieving my dreams.

Gaurav V
MBBS 2016 Batch

The only drawback of studying at VIMS was the hostel. As long as you can make arrangements for staying somewhere closeby, studying at VIMS is a dream run. Highly qualified lecturers make sure you understand your theory really well, before moving on to practicals. Clarifying doubts has never been so easy. Massive reference materials in the library are an excellent place to be to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

VIMS also helps you interact with field experts with conferences.

Like me, if you are a person who is focused on achieving something big in your professional life, then VIMS is the place to be.

Goutam Agrawal
MBBS 2016 Batch

Faculty at VIMS are amazing. There are no other words to describe them. One should attend VIMS to know the dedication of the faculty. They take the utmost care in holding regular classes, weekly tutorials, and monthly tests for self-assessment. Its almost like they are always present for students.

As VIMS is a Medical science and research center, with its state-of-the-art facilities, the college infrastructure is impressive. The students can choose to be placed at the hospital or pursue their master's degree on the same campus, after completing MBBS. Hence, getting into VIMS is like setting and managing your career at once.

MBBS 2015 Batch

Impressive campus, faculty, and friends - sums up VIMS in one phrase. Being at VIMS has made me feel proud of my career choice. I have never regretted choosing to be a doctor. Being here has inspired me in more ways than one. I have learned a great deal till now, and I am sure I have a lot more to learn.

The only complaint I would like the management to deal with is the library hours. Being a medical student means we have to put in extra hours of study. With the library getting closed at 8:00 PM, I always feel like I am running short of study time.

But all said and done, I am happy that I chose to be part of VIMS.

Raswan ali
MBBS 2013 Batch

As amazing as VIMS sounds, being there justifies all the positive things one has heard about the institute. Here the faculties guide you and nudge you gently in the right direction to make the right career choices. Being a local definitely has advantages. The constant encouragement I receive from both my family and the VIMS family always makes me look towards achieving big on my dreams. Being at VIMS is a real career builder with a rock-solid foundation. I am eagerly looking forward to continuing my association with VIMS.

Ginu Gorge
2013 MBBS Batch

VIMS & RC has helped me lead a balanced student life with both medical education and various extra circular activities such as sports, cultural events, awareness programs, and more.

The academic standards and exams are as per RGUHS outlines. So, placements are not an issue once you complete your studies if you want to take up an internship or job elsewhere.

VIMS is where Fun-Learning never stops

Athira Sreenivasan
MBBS 2014 Batch

What impresses me most about VIMS & RC is the extensive academic support network, whether it be reaching out to faculty, seniors, or friends. The library has an extensive knowledge source in the forms of books, publications, magazines, and journals.

The student life is equally fun-filled with fests, seminars, sports events, and more. Here you can truly expand your social and professional network, and build your gateway to the future.

Utkarsh Jain
MBBS 2015 Batch

I am proud to be part of Vydehi Group of institutions as even during this pandemic COVID-19, our education has not taken a back seat, our college has started online classes from 24-03-2020 onward for MBBS students including interactive sessions and feedback from the students also obtained.Also I have been staying in the vydehi boys hostel where i have been made to feel at home with no problems for food and other facilities.

Prajwaal Manjunath
2nd year MBBS 4th term


Academic at VIMS is impeccable. Utmost care is taken so that students have clear understanding of the subject which includes regular classes, weekly tutorials and monthly tests for self assessment. A major plus point is a good student: Teacher ratio. I feel Library timings should be improved. As of now it shuts @ 8.0PM which is very inconvenient as we need to put in lot of hours of study.

Poornima S
1st Year MBBS


Teachers are highly cooperative, student friendly and get down to the very basics to ensure that students understand the concepts aptly. The aesthetic value of our campus is maintained through the pollution- free environment. The college is vibrant, motivating and inspiring, nurturing the necessities that a student requires to acquire knowledge.

Pooja Bhat
1st Year MBBS


VIMS & RC is the best place for medical education. It not only stresses on the academic aspects of the student life but also various extra circular activities such as sports, cultural activities, awareness program etc. The academic standards are up to the mark as prescribed by the RGUHS and the teaching faculty is regular and excellent.

K. Ananya
1st Year MBBS


I feel proud to say that VIMS is one among the best colleges for medical science courses and also for other courses. Just 09 yrs and amazing achievements. Good campus, faculty and I am glad to be in this college.

K. N. Arpitha
1st Year MBBS