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  • Clinico- Bacteriological study in Chronic Suppurative otitis media. By Dr.G.Mohan & Dr.Poornima S
  • A clinical Study of Cholesteatoma Auris and its management by Dr.G.Mohan & Dr.Rohan Malla Baruah
  • A Study Of Single Stage Ossiculoplasty In The Surgical Management Of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media. By Dr.Satish Kumar S & Dr.Suha
  • Study Of Outcome Of Combined Endoscopic Middle Meatal Antrostomy And Inferior Meatal Antrostomy In Treatment Of Chronic Maxillary Sinusitis. Dr.G.Prabhakar & Dr.Suhas.S.Pattar
  • Clinicopathological & Microbiological study of fungal disease of nose & Paranasal sinuses. By Dr.G.Mohan & Dr.Pooja
  • A comparative study on the efficacy of placement of the graft over and under the handle of malleus in myringoplasty,by Dr.G.Prabhakar & Dr.Merin Mathew
  • Effect of stapedotomy on Caharts’s notch in patients with otosclerosis.by Dr.Satish Kumar S & Dr.Soujanya.
  • Clinical study of Sensorineural deafness in children less than 5 years of age by Dr.Sathish Kumar and Dr.Nikhil Sivanand
  • Clinical study of conductive deafness in children less than 12 years. By Dr.G. Mohan and Dr.Sreedevi.
  • A descriptive study of clearance of disease from sinus tympani using endoscope in cases of cholesteatoma. By Dr.Prabhakar and DR.Sana Khan.