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Vydehi to describe is an institute of discipline and substance. We are obliged to be part of an honorable institute like Vydehi.

Vikal Goel
Ist to II

I had a wonderful time with Vydehi institute of dental science. I had nice teachers, whom I respect a lot, who taught me all aspect of dentistry likewise theory and practical. They even brought perfections in my life, they even taught me all aspect of life I had even made wonderful friends over here.

Hiven Shantinal
IV to Intre

Ours is an institution which I would say is an exceptionally good in all aspects right starting from academia excellence and cultural extravaganza to a well disclplined functioning.

Savaneath Y
IIIrd to IV

Vydehi Institute located in Whitefield Bangalore is a renowned institute for its excellence in training students from various parts of our country in various medical, dental & ablest fields. It has a very good campus with a very good infrastructure & staff.

Snameed Ahamd
IInd to IIIrd