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Conservative Dentistry & endodontics

Conservative Dentistry & endodontics Services

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Treatment options include:

1) Filling / Restorations – Metal, Tooth coloured, Intermediate.

Pre-Treatment Post-Treatment

2) Root Canal Treatment – Hand, Rotary. Traumatized teeth and deep carious lesions are treated with root canal treatment

3) Patients with broken and discoloured teeth are treated with tooth coloured material to restore esthetics by

Pre-Treatment Post-Treatment

Veneers – Ceramic, Composite.
Pre-Treatment Post-Treatment

4) Post and Core – Metal, Fibre.

5) Inlay and Onlay – Metal, Ceramic.

6) Crowns – Metal, Ceramic.

Pre-Treatment Post-Treatment

7) Retreatment of failed root canal treated teeth whenever indicated

8) Minor surgical procedures including:

Pre-Treatment Post-Treatment  
  1. Perforation repair

  2. Revascularisation

  3. Cyst Enucleation

  4. Periapical surgery

9) Endodontic Microscope guided RCT / Surgeries.

10) Laser Assisted Endodontic Treatment.