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Biochemistry Department

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The Biochemistry Department in VIMS & RC is a well equipped department. It has state-of-the-art technology and equipment used in its clinical biochemistry laboratory. Its student laboratory is also very well equipped. The department is looked and administered by well qualified and dedicated staff. The facilities provided by the department prove to be a boon to the PhD Scholars, Post Graduate and Under Graduate students as well as its well qualified teachers.

The Clinical Biochemistry lab is attached to the Central Diagnostic Laboratory in Vydehi Hospital. The lab is open round the clock. It analyses all Biochemistry parameters. The Biochemistry laboratory at VIMS & RC has a well equipped practical lab which has two fully automated discrete random access auto analyzers, chemical luminescence based immulite analyzer for harmoner and special investigations. Approximately 5000 investigations are done every day.

Thyroid hormones, tumour markers and other special investigations (HBA IC) are done. Emergency facilities for blood gas analysis and electrolyte analysis are also done. The laboratory is used for Master Health Checkup when all bio-chemistry parameters need to be checked.