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Vydehi Institute of Rehabilitation – Rehab Day Celebration 2011

To commemorate 3rd December 2011 as the WORLD DISABILITY DAY 9th Annual Rehab day was celebrated at Vydehi Institute of Rehabilitation

This was a very special day for all of us here. The celebrations took course in the form of cultural programmes by children with special needs. Children with visual impairment from Pundit Puttaraj Gowai Trust for Disabled sang the invocation song. The programme began with offering of flowers to the deity by the eminent guests and dignitaries.
Graduation Ceremony was concluded for the little ones to mark their successful milestones in life.

It was encouraging to see that the children who attended VIR programme, have qualified to meet the standards for the so called mainstream schools or integrated setups. These kids were awarded for graduating to normal schools from VIR.

As we know that “Early Intervention Centre” is at the heart of VIR. Kids after completing 5 years of age at VIR have qualified to climb up the ladder to reach Vydehi School. The kids who moved from VIR to Vydehi School were also presented with awards.

Also, this was an opportunity to appreciate the hard work of parents in realizing potentials of their children. Parents were also awarded for their zeal to participate. They received awards for punctuality and attendance.

Commodore Indru Wadhwani, President, Mallya Hospital announced the opening of EARLY INTERVENTION CENTRE (VIR) at Mallya Hospital from January 2012.

Vydehi Institute of Dental Sciences adopted children of VIR for their complete dental and oral care.