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Addiction – The Real Causes

Many of us often wonder why addicts cannot do away with their habit once they get hooked to it. Though, many of us feel that it is basically out of the pleasure that addicts indulge in stimulants and opioids like heroin, cocain,e and euphoria inducing ones like nicotine. They are umpteen myths around drug addictions as well doing the rounds for quite some time now. Here is a curtain-raiser for some of them.

Addiction The Real Causes

The two most common explanations around drug addictions are that compulsive drug addictions are a bad habit as it’s just that is done for getting a kick.
Now, here’s something to clear the fog away around this myth. If we dig deeper into the meaning of habit, it indicates the ability to do repetitive tasks and that’s about it. It’s just like your routine habits of brushing teeth or combing hair. Though these habits don’t get people hooked on to them and do not become compulsive or like an addiction.

Withdrawal is another important issue that needs to be handled properly because addictions like alcohol withdrawal could lead to death. Withdrawal leads to an unpleasant feeling that includes pain, chills, anxiety, and more if one stops the intake of the drug. This is one of the major reasons responsible for addicts not able to leave their addictions.

This brings us to two types of psychological experiences related to the brain namely liking and wanting. To explain the same with the help of an example like chocolate for example. Wanting would be the desire to have it once you see it in front of you while liking would be the experience you have once to eat it off. Now Dopamine produced by the brain is responsible for wanting only and not liking something.

We crave more drugs only because drugs trigger the need for dopamine, a feeling of wanting in the brain. With repeated use of drugs, the wanting thus grows but somewhere the liking goes stagnates, or decreases.

Talking about involuntary addicts who take opioids prescribed by doctors for pain apparently do it to relieve themselves from pain and that is how they perceive their idea of pleasure. Though over time the doses have to be increased as they develop intolerance about it. As a result the wanting also grows leading to an addiction of sorts. Hyperactive wanting leads to intense craving on seeing the drug or drug cue exposure. The effects are surely long-lasting and genetic factors do lead to increased risk.

As responsible citizens and family members, we also need to change our view of looking at addicts and that anyone of us can get affected by the same. Also, many times addicts are aware of the pain and suffering they are causing themselves and others but the craving is much stronger than their willpower to overcome it.

Well, we need to be compassionate and support people rather than distrust them or consider them as a disgrace.

VIMS & RC launches a Cochlear Implant Centre in the Department of Rehabilitation at Vydehi Hospital

Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre in its ten years of existence has transformed itself into a super speciality hospital of truly global standards.

Addressing the media here today, Mrs Kalpaja Dalavoi, Director of VIMS & RC said, “Hearing impairment is no more considered as a disability. With recent advances in the medical field, there are management options for individuals with profound hearing impairment. Cochlear Implant is among one of the options and is usually suggested when there is no benefit from hearing aids. The arrival of high-end diagnostic equipment for early identification of hearing loss as early as 6 months facilitates the early intervention and management of hearing loss. Keeping this in mind VIMS & RC has opened the Cochlear Implant Centre to facilitate the management of hearing loss with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment at an affordable cost”. Continue reading

President of Guyana Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo visits Vydehi

February 3, 2011 – His Excellency Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo, President of Guyana visits Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre

His Excellency Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo, President of Guyana along with Hon’able Dr. Bheri S. Ramsaran Minister in Ministry of Health, Government of Guyana, on their day long visit to Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre (VIMS & RC) on February 3, 2011. During his visit to the Institute Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo and Dr. Bheri Ramsaran, were shown around the Institute by the Director Mrs. D. A. Kalpaja and team of doctors, related to infrastructure, medical facilities, and administration and functioning within the Institute. Various issues were discussed by His Excellency Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo and Hon’ble Dr. Bheri Ramsaran with the Hon’ble Chairman Dr. D. K. Audikesavulu and the team of VIMS & RC. Continue reading

Vydehi Hospital Doctors Save Baby Boy From Growing up as a Transsexual

Growing up as a transsexual is painful because of the social, physical, and emotional consequences that the individual faces along with his whole family. Unfortunately, it is a condition that is rarely diagnosed correctly or early enough by doctors. However, a lifelong tragedy was altered for the Kumar family of Kolar District on 7th July 2010, thanks to Dr. Dinakara of Vydehi Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre. Continue reading

Inauguration of Orientation Programme for the staff nurses of Vydehi Hospital.

Vydehi Institute of Nursing and Research Centre had inaugurated the “Orientation programme” for the staff nurses of Vydehi Hospital, Bangalore on 21/07/2010.

Following are the course content of Orientation Programme includes: Communication skills, Telephone ethics, Dress code, Hospital policy, Fluid management, Central venous pressure monitoring, Basic drug administration, Collection of specimens and samples, Pre and post operative care, Bio waste management, Management of unit/ward, Handling emergency, Medico legal aspects . Continue reading

Achievements of Dr. H. V. Satish Babu in various verticals of Neurosurgery

Neuro Surgery Department at Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre has been reorganized. Eminent Neuro surgeon Dr. H.V. Satish Babu will be the Professor & Head of the Department, Neurosurgery Division. He is trained in brain and Spinal surgery from the world renowned neurosurgical centre of Christian Medical College Vellore.

Dr. H. V. Satish Babu

Doctor has presented various papers of these “Tracing sympathetics to a single thoracic segment in Macaca Radiata using Horse radish peroxidase enzyme”, “Surgical Management of Intramedullary Glial tumors – A Vellore experience”, “Protocol based management of acute head injury patients”, and “Acute spinal injuries – management dilemmas”, are note worthy.

He has received the Best Paper award for Allied Neuroscience from Neurological Society of India for his study on localization and arrangement of the sympathetic neurons in a thoracic segment of monkeys (macaca radiate) spinal cord using horse radish peroxidase enzyme. He has rich surgical experience in Cranial Surgeries, Spine Surgeries, Trauma, Stereotaxy, Radiosurgery, Radio Frequency lesion and functional Neurosurgery.

Doctor is responsible in setting various well equipped Neuro Trauma Centre in Bangalore. He has represented the institute in numerous National & International Neurosurgery conferences. His main interests are Neuro Critical Care, Spine Care and minimally invasive Neuro Surgery.

He is founder member of Indian Trauma Surgeons Society and presently the join secretary of the society.

Achievements of Institute of Cardiac Sciences

Vydehi Institute of cardiac sciences designed to serve your heart’s needs. It is distinguished by the services of highly qualified senior full-time surgeons and physicians. The services of specialists are available round the clock to attend the emergencies.

Mrs. D.A. Kalpaja, the director of the VIMS & RC, has proved by her action that life is not its duration but lies in its dedication, commitment, and achievement. According to her Vydehi Institute of Cardiac Science is one of the Centers of excellence in Vydehi Hospital. All surgeries of Cardiac Science met with 100% success with a track record of 1000 Cardiac Surgeries. The Institute of Cardiac Science is committed to providing affordable healthcare to the lesser privileged sections of society providing healthcare absolutely free to the truly poor. Cardiac surgeries have been performed for the nominal cost in India which is inclusive of Medicines & Food. The crew behind the mission lead by the director has been phenomenal in getting funds for the operations conducted for the underprivileged. It has also associated with the scheme of the Prime Minister National Relief Fund (PMNRF).

The extensive services of the department include adult cardiac surgery, adult and pediatric valve repairs and replacements, and a coronary care unit. The team comprises highly skilled cardiothoracic surgeons, anesthetists, intensive care specialists, and dedicated critical care nurses. Treating cardiac disorders from pediatric to the elderly and 60% of them are from West Bengal.

Exploring the frontiers of cutting-edge research in angiogenesis, endothelium-coated grafts, pericardial patches and more are Homograft and Xenograft facilities. The institute is really ‘matching to the beat of a different drum’. At Vydehi Institute of Cardiac Sciences matters of the heart, so to speak is a consuming interest.