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Gut Bacteria as an Anti – Aging Agent – An Overview

Gut Bacteria as an Anti - Aging Agent

Gut bacteria in the years to come can help reduce the effects of aging, rather could be of great help in slowing down aging process. This could be possible with the help of supplements derived from gut bacteria. These bacterial genes and compounds can also decrease the rate of tumor progression inside our body besides amyloid beta accumulation, a compound known to be related to Alzheimer’s disease, as per University of Texas Health Science Center.

The scientists and researchers fraternity is well aware that the body interacts with millions of microbes called the microbiomes, inside the body. These microbiomes tend to influence the metabolic and cognitive activities as well as the aging process. Scientists at the Huffington Center are investigating on the possibility of importance of genetic composition of microbiomes for long life.

An experiment was carried out on laboratory work C. elegans as doing it on mammals was quite challenging technically. The characteristics of C. Elegans are very much similar to that of human biology and are simple, transparent organisms with a short life span of upto 3 weeks. This aids in rapid collection of data.

The experiment involved deleting one gene each from the 4000 genes at a time in an e.coli bacteria library to study the effects of each one. The researchers fed each individual mutant bacteria to the C. Elegans and then observed the worm’s life span closely.

As per the researchers, out of 4000 bacterial genes that they tested, they deleted 29 of them and found that it increased the life span of the worms. Furthermore, they also noticed that, 12 of these bacteria restricted tumor growth besides amyloid-beta accumulation. Even purified colanic acid was provided to C. Elegans and showed increased life span in them besides fruit fly and other mammalian cells. They also found that colanic acid regulated the dynamics of cellular structures called mitochondria, responsible for providing energy to the cell.

Well, based on the research that has been carried out and is being carried out, the researchers affirmatively suggest that designing supplements of the bacteria or their compounds could help slow down the aging process.

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Urologist in Bangalore – Finding The One

urologist in bangalore

Searching for a Urologist in Bangalore?

Though there are numerous urologists in Bangalore, finding the one that is best for you, requires you to have a few vital points on your checklist. Also, there are various factors that would be influencing your choice. Here is a sneak peek into a few points you would want to consider while you are looking for a urologist in Bangalore.

Urologists deal with infections related to the urinary tract. These are bacterial infestations, congenital abnormalities, reproductive system disorders, surgical and non-surgical problems. Urology includes various sub-disciplines and deals with the care of physiological systems and numerous organs. You’ll even find a few specialists in the sub-disciplines as well. Here is a run of the sub-disciplines in urology.

Endourology – This branch of urology is into urinary tracts close manipulation and includes surgical procedures with minimal invasion. The process involves the insertion of small cameras and instruments into the urinary tract.

Laparoscopy – It is the branch of urology that uses Robot-assisted surgery for organs like kidneys, ureters, and the prostate. Though, it is a costly affair and has been creating controversies for the same reason across continents.

Neurology – Conditions leading to abnormal urination and even the control of the genitourinary system are dealt with in Neurology.

Pediatric Urology – This branch of urology deals with children’s urologic disorders like underdeveloped genitalia, enuresis, and more.

Andrology – Dealing with the male reproductive system, Andrology is about erectile dysfunction, male infertility, and more.

Reconstructive urology – As the specialized discipline of urology, it deals with the function and restoration of the genitourinary tract.

As far as finding a urologist in Bangalore is concerned, it is not easy to choose one urologist from the list of good ones, but as mentioned earlier when you have your checklist of priorities in hand, it certainly eases your task a lot.


Apparently, you would not exactly know how much time your treatment takes. You might have to get admitted to the hospital or might have to make frequent trips. So, it is advisable that while looking out for a Urologist, try to shortlist the good ones but those in an area near to your residence or workplace so that commuting to and fro is hassle-free.


Urologists specialize in urologic conditions and hence feeling comfortable to talk is one of the major concerns. This is when you need to think about whether you want to go with a male or female specialist. It is solely an individual decision depending upon personal comfort levels, though.


Credentials are one of the main concerns. The qualifications, experience, and reputation of the urologist matter most. So, research a bit about the qualifications, the expertise of the doctor, and his reputation in general before you shortlist.


If you know someone from amongst your friends or colleagues who know a good urologist, then you could add them to your shortlist as well. If the doctor is testified by someone you know well, nothing like that.


Now, if you think that you might need to avail of hospital services as well, then it’s better to choose the doctors with hospitals as well. Though, you need to visit the hospital and check out the facilities in terms of staff and other amenities personally.


We all know the fact that everything finally boils down to mullah. So, alongside the other relevant points, budget is also one to be kept in mind. But, it is advisable not to make the budget the only criteria. If the doctor is really good but is charging a little higher than the others, better go for him/her.

After you shortlist some three to five, select the final one that suits your needs the most.