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Parasite inside human Eye

Yes, this is a fact, a 17-year-old teen had damaged his right eye due to the presence of a parasitic worm that was seen wriggling in and out of the eyeball of this teen when examined by the doctors in Mexico. Though, it was a little too late because the eye was already damaged by the time it was examined and the diagnosis was done and the boy had almost lost complete vision. The doctors tested his vision and came to know that he was not even able to count their fingers when held in front of the eye. The vision was blurred and he was able to see only hand motions. After a complete eye examination, it was found that the right eye was severely damaged.

Parasite inside human Eye

The freely moving worm had created many holes in the iris and his right cornea was swollen and had blood spots. The worm could not be traced easily because it made these holes its safe haven. The doctors had to work hard in removing the worm from the eye and for the same they had to first remove the lens and the vitreous humor surgically. It further came to light during the surgery that the worm had also severely damaged the retina of the teen.

The worm was identified as a fluke or a kind of trematode, usually found in species namely Schistosomagenus, fasciola, and Paragonimus, but its particular genus wasn’t known because it was not under the included list of trematodes and was seen for the very first time. It had an overall length of 3 mm was removed in bits and pieces.

Post the surgery the teen was given anti-parasitic medicines as well but there wasn’t seen any improvement as far as the vision is concerned even after six months post-surgery.