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All You Need To Know About Lipomas

If you have seen some lumpy formations around your body of the size 1 cm – 2 cm then they could be lipomas. A lipoma is a lump formed under the skin from fat deposits. It is generally found in ages 40-60 years and areas may include the neck, back, or shoulders. They could occur in younger generations as well and on almost any part of the body.

Lipomas are generally slow-growing tumors that are generally benign in nature. They might not grow also. As per doctors, they are rarely harmful and there is the meager possibility of them turning malignant.


Lipomas Detection
A lipoma is a fat tissue-based tumor and is very soft to touch. It’s just under the skin and rarely painful, but it could be. It is colorless, grows slowly, and moves easily when you prod it with your finger.

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Lipoma causes

As of now, there is no defined reason for causing Lipomas. Though, one of the most common reasons is genetic or hereditary factors.

Lipoma Treatments

Though, a doctor may not suggest any treatment on lipomas as they are painless and non-benign. But, if you are uncomfortable with the lipomas as they might look ugly, then your doctor may remove them with a minor surgery that includes numbing the area around the lipoma, creating an incision, and removing it. Then stitching the incision. Alternatively, Liposuction can be used for removal. Another option is steroid injections in and around the affected area in order to shrink the lipoma can be used. Steroids only help to the extent of shrinking them and not complete elimination.

Lipoma Home Remedies

Some natural supplements have known to be very effective with fat deposits. This includes turmeric roots, dandelion roots, and more. These are those detoxifying herbs that have to be consumed with a lot of water so as to aid in the elimination of the toxins. You can even take in turmeric by adding a teaspoon every day in your milk.

There are a few natural oils that might just help in controlling lipomas. This includes tea tree, frankincense, castor oil, sage oil, to name a few. Simply add half a teaspoon of oil in your regular hair oil and apply it to the affected areas twice a day. Castor oil can also be massaged at night before going to bed on and around the lipomas.

When you use home remedies, their effect is generally slow but steady. So, you need to have a lot of patience to see the results. Use the home remedies at least for a month and if it does not seem to work then try some other remedy from the suggested ones as per suitability. It’s not that natural remedies won’t work. They might just work for you if you keep calm and use them for a long duration of time. There are stories where natural remedies have been effective in treating lipomas. They do not have side effects, so you may as well try them out.

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