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Low Body Immunity Alerts

We all know how important having good immunity is for our health. A body that has good immunity can help keeping infections, allergies, diseases cause by various microorganisms at bay. It also safeguards us from frequent cold or coughs and stomach infections. Pathogens that are carriers of diseases and conditions are everywhere. But, does everyone fall sick because of them? Well no. If you immune system is strong you can fight these pathogens and stay away from infections or health conditions. To determine how good your immunity is you need to do a blood test. Though our body does send us low immunity alerts only if we are awake enough to recognize them. Here is a run through some of the signals that point straight to low body immunity.

Low Body Immunity Alerts

Bad Gut Health – Poor gut health is a clear alert that your immunity is low because 80% of it is in the gut. If you are suffering from frequent Indigestion, acidity, flatulence, bloating, then understand that your gut health is poor. This is a sign of good and bad bacteria imbalance. To improve it is good to make probiotics an important part of your diet.

Low Vitamin D3 levels – Vitamin D deficiency is a clear signal of low immunity. Take a blood test to check it and if found low then it try to get to the required levels with food rich in Vitamin D and supplements as well. Additionally if you have signs of fatigue, tiredness, insomnia or depression, dark circles under eyes then they also are pin pointers of low immunity levels. Consult a doctor to check on and do the needful.

Re-occurring allergies and infections – If you are frequently attacked by common cold, cough or other allergies or skin infections like rashes, it’s highly likely that your immune system is poor. If you get UTI frequently, diarrhea, mouth sores or swollen lymph-nodes, it also indicates low immunity issues. Exercise daily to keep your body temperatures perked up and improve your defense mechanism.

Lack of Necessary fever – Our body has a way to fight diseases and fever is a sign of it. So, inspite of getting infections you show no signs of fever take this as a low immunity alert.

Well, it’s good to avoid sugar or salt in excess, processed foods or dairy products and live a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular exercise.

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