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Leptin Therapy – Cardiovascular Healthcare for People With Too Little Fat

We all know pretty well that too much fat in the body can lead to serious health and cardiovascular problems. But, little do we know that even too little fat can lead to cardiovascular issues, as per a recent study. This is a rare condition and is known as Congenital lipodystrophy. It is the polar opposite of the high-fat conditions known as obesity, which we are all aware of and has the ability to damage the heart in the same way as high-fat levels.

Leptin Therapy – Cardiovascular Healthcare

Fat helps regulate the use and storage of fat and is a major leptin producer, considered to be of significant importance in cardiovascular health. If someone has a congenital lipodystrophy condition, then the leptin and fat content is very low. Further, when they consume lipids or fat, there is no way to go and they get stored or piled up rather in the heart, muscle, or liver. This is quite unnatural and not good for body organs, thus increasing the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. There seems to be a visible solution in the pipeline for this condition though and it is called Leptin replacement therapy. Though its effects are largely unknown, doctors are of the opinion that is good therapy and works well. It actually restores the endothelial function that gets impaired when a patient suffers from this condition besides restoring healthy glucose levels as well.

Now endothelial cells are responsible for the production of eNOS,, a dilator, powerful enough to enable the blood vessels to relax. In the condition of lipodystrophy, the NOX1 enzyme expression increases thus producing reactive oxygen species of high damaging levels. The scientists are therefore studying the relationship of endothelial cells and leptin and explore further interactions wherein they want to watch on results of giving too much leptin, which could lead to negative results though early on they seem to be positive.

Alternative treatments suggest liposuction of fat deposit removal, in addition, to exercise and balance diet intake.