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Early Diabetes Signs and Symptoms, Causes, Remedies

What are the early diabetes signs and how can you detect them?

Diabetes results due to drastic fluctuations of blood sugar levels in our bodies. Also, known as blood glucose, blood sugar is also the prime source of energy in our bodies. Almost every food we consume results in the addition of blood sugar to some extent. Therefore diabetics are restricted from eating certain food items.

A type of hormone known as insulin produced by the pancreas gland aids the glucose from the food to get absorbed in our cells. Further, glucose is utilized as energy by our body. However, sometimes our body is not in a position to make sufficient use of insulin, and in some instances, the insulin secretion is not enough. In such situations, glucose stays over in the blood and is not able to get to our cells. As a consequence, diabetes happens.

How Many Types of Diabetes Are There?

There are majorly two types of diabetes identified by medical science right now.

  • Type 1 is when the body attacks the pancreas and prevents it from secreting insulin that regulates the body’s blood sugar level.
  • Type 2 diabetes is characterized by the insufficient secretion or malfunctioning of the hormone insulin in our body.

Diabetes Type 1 and 2

Both types of diabetes are commonly related to drastic fluctuation in the blood sugar level of our bodies.

Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

According to a global study conducted in 2021, more than 10% of the world’s adult population suffers from diabetes. It has also been predicted that the number is bound to hit 12% by 2045. Experts say that the symptoms in type 1 diabetes appear faster than in type 2.

  • Acute Hunger

Acute hunger or polyphagia is one of the early signs of diabetes that we should pay heed to. It results when our body fails to absorb the glucose that makes the most of our energy. And this occurs as a result of the inability to produce insulin. As a consequence, we feel the urge to have more and more food because of the lack of energy.

  • Lethargy

To feel fatigued or lethargic is one of the usual signs of diabetes. Also, it is a warning sign of type 2 diabetes, in most cases.

  1. Fatigue results due to the following reasons-
  2. Fluctuations in blood sugar levels
  3. Unreasonably feeling thirsty
  4. The repeated urge to pee
  5. Extreme hunger even though you had enough food
  6. Unexplained loss of weight
  7. Unclear vision
  8. Mental and emotional disorder due to the impact of diabetes
  • Itchiness and mouth dryness

Due to frequent urination, the level of fluids in our body goes down. As a result, the body lacks moisture content and can make you itchy and your mouths dry.

  • Frequent Urination

People with early symptoms of type 2 diabetes develop this health problem in their bodies. It occurs due to the presence of unwanted glucose in our bodies, which needs to pass through our urine. As the kidneys cannot hold up the excess glucose, the person feels the need to pee frequently.

  • Unclear or Foggy Vision

Diabetes leads to reduced or increased amounts of fluids in our bodies. This can lead to the swelling of our eye lenses which in turn results in blurred or foggy vision.

  • Prolonged time in healing wounds

As a result of the high level of blood glucose in our bodies, it affects the blood flow process. Owing to that it slows down in the healing of the wounds.

  • Infections

Infections or yeast infections on the ear, nose, throat, gum, skin or vaginal infection are detected in diabetic patients. Developing Numbness or Tingling in the feet. People with signs of diabetes develop a symptom called diabetic neuropathy. It is a disorder in the nerves that causes numbness in our hands and feet.

Causes of Diabetes

Type 1

Medical science has not been able to pinpoint the exact cause of type 1 diabetes. It occurs when the body starts resisting the insulin and some factor causes the cells in the pancreas to malfunction. Thereby creating a deficiency in insulin to regulate the blood sugar. Scientists claim genes to be a possible cause of this diabetes type.

Type 2

There are more than one identified factor adding up to type 2 diabetes. They can be discussed as below-

  • Genes- Type 2 diabetes is claimed to run in families. Type 2 diabetes can also increase a person’s chance of becoming obese and catching other diseases.
  • Obesity- Obesity is one of the major causes of type 2 diabetes across the world. Due to extra fat and overweight, the resistance to insulin increases which leads to increased blood sugar levels.
  • Lack of Physical Exercise- Inactivity or lack of physical exercise leads to unhealthy weight gain which in turn can lead to insulin resistance and hence, diabetes. Being overweight also plays an infamous role in heart diseases and other nervous problems.
  • Hormonal Malfunction- Some hormones in our bodies can be a cause of increased blood sugar levels by resisting the absorption and secretion of insulin by the pancreas.

Remedies of Diabetes

Studies and research into this matter have revealed many remedies for this common yet lethal disease. Even though diabetes; type 1 and 2 both cannot be cured completely, remedial measures can keep them in check and can help us live a normal life with diabetes.

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Remedies to Keep Diabetes in Check

  • Fenugreek

One of the basic herbs utilized in the Indian kitchen, these herbs are highly beneficial in keeping diabetes in check. They help to control diabetes by enhancing glucose tolerance, minimizing blood sugar levels, and activating the secretion of insulin. Regularly having soaked fenugreek early in the morning on an empty stomach aids in lowering the glucose level. You can have both the water and the seeds.

  • Aloe vera

This magic plant filled with all the goodness contributes a good part in reducing the blood sugar level. You can squeeze the gel with the help of a spoon and have it directly. Or else combine it with jaggery or mix with milk in case you find it bitter.

  • Cinnamon

It is advisable to take cinnamon in an average quantity by health experts. Because too much of it can do harm rather than heal you. Including cinnamon in your regular spice ingredients can help you to stimulate insulin functionalities. Thus, lowering the blood sugar amount in the body. But, keep in mind that an excessive amount of it can harm the liver.

  • Jamun

Those shiny fruits found especially in the summer seasons help in balancing the amount of sugar. As a result, it helps in maximizing insulin activity.

  • Almonds

Almonds are good for everyone with their vitamin E and energy reserves. But, they are particularly beneficial for diabetics. A study conducted in the US revealed that those who consumed about 2 ounces of almonds on a daily basis tested for reduced blood sugar levels in fasting. Therefore, almonds can add extra benefits to a diabetic’s diet.

  • Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is undeniably the best remedy for diabetes. Even though diabetes is incurable, working out for a while or practicing yoga daily can reduce a diabetic’s risk of complications. It also works wonderfully to reduce excess fat and keep one’s heart-healthy.

  • Staying Hydrated

Diabetes leads to fluctuations in the levels of bodily fluids which results in blurred vision as an effect of it. Therefore, maintaining the body’s fluid levels can amazingly help keep diabetes in control. The intake of water sufficiently can do wonders along with proper medication.

The Bottom Line

Diabetes is a very common disease. But improper maintenance of diet and other factors can lead to it becoming lethal. A person with a high blood sugar level has to take precautions and medication to keep the diabetes complications at bay.

The remedies mentioned in this article do not promise to cure diabetes completely. They can only work to keep it under check. Since diabetes is directly related to physical activity, diabetics should practice yoga and other physical exercises on a daily basis.

It is also advised not to self-diagnose oneself based on this article and other articles on the internet. Consult a doctor to be certain about a disease like diabetes.