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How Can I Treat My Hurting Heals

Do your heels hurt a lot. Well, there can be umpteen reasons behind the same. The areas that are usually affected due to pain include either the sides of the heel, behind it, under it, or at the joining junction of the heel bone and Achilles tendon.

Heel pain in many of the cases is associated with the injury. The causes of heel pain are usually associated with trauma, neurological problem, arthritis, infection, or an autoimmune problem.

Hurting Heals

The pain in the mentioned case initially is meager but later on, it becomes severe and can be disabling too. It has to be treated but can become chronic at times.

Causes of Heel Pain – One of the most common causes of Heel Pain is Plantar Fasciitis, an inflammation of the plantar fascia. The pain occurs mainly when the arches are either high or low. Inflammation is caused when the plantar fascia is stretched too much and affects the soft tissue fibers. The pain is felt after you rest for more time under your feet. Besides, Achilles could tighten and calf cramps could occur.

Heel Bumps – Better known as pump bumps, heel bumps are a result of an immature heel bone rubbing excessively. It is most common with flat feet people but can also occur to people wearing high heels.

Stress Fracture – This occurs when you do strenuous exercises or play sports excessively. Hence, runners are very much bound to get stress fractures in their metatarsal bones. Another cause of stress fracture could be osteoporosis.

Tarsal tunnel Syndrome – This condition usually occurs in the foot or ankle and is caused when the large nerve on the back of the foot is compressed or entrapped for some reason.

Heel Pad Inflammation – This is a chronic condition and is a result of heavy footsteps or heel pads becoming very thin.

Achilles Tendinosis – A chronic condition also known by names like tendonitis, tendinopathy, degenerative tendinopathy, and tendinosis, it occurs when the Achilles tendon degenerates.

There are many other causes that lead to heel pain which include conditions like Calcaneal stress fracture, soft tissue mass, short flexor tender tear, Achilles tendon rupture, but to name a few. If you are suffering from heel pain do visit your family physician to find out more about your condition and treat it before things turn worse.