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North Eastern State Tops the List of Highest Deaths Due to Hemorrhagic stroke

A study on hemorrhagic stroke carried out in the year 2015 revealed that people residing in the northeastern state topped the list of deaths by hemorrhagic strokes and it exceeds the national average by a staggering three times.

Hemorrhagic stroke

The 2015 study stated that one in three people in the age group of 30-69 years die a premature death due to hemorrhagic stroke. The causes of hemorrhagic stroke are cited as too much consumption of salt and hypertension as well. As per the study that was carried out by the University of Toronto in Canada, the reasons behind this major increase in mortality rates could be inadequate stroke care, high blood pressure and risk factors like endemic infections.

It is an emergency situation that needs immediate medical attention because it causes brain bleeding due to a ruptured blood vessel. The states that are worst affected include Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, and Tripura particularly for deaths in males by strokes. While states like Assam, Odisha, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal were considered to be high risk for strokes in females. In 2015, the death toll rose to a freaking 2.1 million across all ages due to ischemic heart disease and stroke.

Though the rate of cardiac disease is a national issue, stroke has surprisingly surpassed its numbers to become the highest killer in north-eastern population. The study further stated that the deaths could have been prevented, but most of the deaths were caused due to irregular consumption of prescribed medications for cardiac disease.

India is amongst the top 5 countries in the world to have cardiovascular disease deaths and the age at which cardiac diseases develop in Indians is almost half a decade earlier as compared to developed countries. Though the sustainable development department has goals to decrease the mortality rates by 2030 does, it does seem to be difficult at the stage keeping in mind the very little progress made against cardiovascular diseases and awareness around it.

Embalming Procedure for the Deceased

Many of us are not aware of the term embalming or even the procedure. The reason being that not everyone from the middle income group does opt for this procedure on their deceased family member. This is an expensive procedure and is in practice in India only in high profile deaths, criminal deaths where the body needs preservation for a longer time. The procedure consists of numerous steps in order to preserve the body from decomposition for a short period of time and even preserve its looks.

Usually the embalming is legally mandatory only when a body needs to be transported from one state or country to another by train or by flight and if there is a long gap between death and funeral procedures or it is to be kept for public viewing.

Embalming Procedure

Conventional Embalming
The conventional procedure of embalming involves laying the body in a face-up position after death only because laying it in face-up can move the blood to the lower parts of the body and discolor or bloat the face. The IV needles or catheters in place need to be removed. All the cuts or bruises or signs on the body need to be reported and documented. Firstly, the eyes, nose, and mouth are cleaned and disinfected from the inside out. The body of males is shaved particularly the face and those of women and kids to remove the peach fuzz. Then the body is massaged in order to loosen up the stiff joints and muscles because if the muscles are stiff then the embalming fluid might not go where its needed due to vascular pressure. Further eyes and mouth are closed if open. A plastic cap could be used for closing eyes or a piece of cotton is placed between the eye and the lids. They can also be glued sometimes. All this is done prior to inducing the embalming fluid in the body because it sets the body, making it difficult later to close the mouth or eyes. As far as the mouth is concerned, it is sewed sometimes. To make the lips and eyes look natural and avoid drying out, moisturizing cream is also applied.

Now, the body is set for incision of the embalming fluid. The fluid is a mix of water, formaldehyde and other chemicals. The incision is made usually near the base of SCM muscle or clavicle in men and femoral site in case of women. The process of incision of the embalming of the fluid and draining of the artery is done simultaneously. The embalming machine is used for distributing the fluid evenly in the body alongside washing it with an antibacterial soap. The pressure needs to be maintained properly to avoid deformity. Once the embalming is done, you need to remove the cannula and tie the veins and arteries used and suture the closed incisions. Finally to ensure that there is no leakage a sealing powder is used.

Green Embalming – These days green embalming alternative is available at certain locations only though for people who are willing to go chemical free and safe, it is done using biodegradable oils generally. This not only protects the embalmer from hazards of chemicals used but also protects the earth from harmful chemicals on burial of the body.

Embalming procedures are very common and mandatory when the mortals are to be transferred outside the country but the extent of services required needs to be decided and comes with a cost. Having said that, it is said that people feel good and it is a bit easier for them to bid goodbye if the the mortal looks alive.

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Heart Disease and its Few Types – Overview

Heart disease is one condition that has spread its vicious roots not only in the Indian subcontinent but also across the world. Statistics say that one in four in the USA die of heart issues. It is also a leading cause of deaths in the UK, Australia, and Canada other than India, where it is known to be the top killer as well.

There are different kinds of heart problems that tend to affect different body parts. Here is a rundown of some of the common types of problems that cause heart disease.

Heart Disease and Types

Myocardial Infarction – Also known as Heart attack, coronary thrombosis or cardiac infarction, this is caused due to a blood clot occurring in coronary thrombosis. Due to the clot, the heart muscles get damaged. It can also occur if an artery spasms or narrows.

Coronary Artery Disease – The role of the coronary arteries is to provide nutrients and oxygen to the heart. The condition arises when plaque deposits damage the arteries as they narrow them thus cutting the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the heart.

Congenital Heart Disease – This condition is a result of deformities at the time of birth. This includes conditions like Obstruction defects, generally caused due to blockage of blood flow through different chambers of the heart, and Cyanotic heart disease which is a shortage of oxygen in the body due to defect in the heart.

Pulmonary Stenosis – This condition is caused when the pulmonary valve is too tight making it difficult for the heart to pump blood into the pulmonary artery. If an infant suffers from this condition severe in nature then he or she can turn them blue.

Arrhythmia – It is a result of irregularity in the heartbeat. The heart can lose its rhythm due to reasons like the heart beating too fast (tachycardia), heart beating too slow(bradycardia), fibrillation, or premature ventricular contractions.

Mitral Valve Prolapse – This is a condition that rarely needs treatment as it is not life-threatening. In this condition, the valves between the left ventricle and left atrium do not fully close but simply bulges in an upward direction or back into the atrium.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy – This condition arises when the heart muscle becomes dilated due to weakness and is not able to pump blood properly. This is caused when the heart is deprived of oxygen due to coronary heart disease which usually affects the left ventricle.

Mitral Regurgitation – When the mitral valve does not close as tightly as it should, it causes mitral incompetence or regurgitation, or insufficiency. This causes the blood to flow backward into the heart when it should move out of it. As a result, a person suffering from this condition often feels tired or out of breath.

Heart Failure – when the heart is not able to pump blood efficiently, it leads to heart failure. Either side of the heart is affected usually. The heart becomes weak over a period of time due to high blood pressure or coronary artery disease.

Well, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can go a long way in reducing the risk factors of the aforementioned heart conditions. So, Stay Fit. Stay safe.

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All About Essential Tremors

Many of us have either experienced or seen this happen mostly in elderly people. A nerve disorder, essential tremor causes uncontrollable shaking in various parts of the body. The areas that are commonly known to be affected by the same are arms, larynx, head, hands, chin and tongue. Mostly the affected areas is the upper part and not the lower part of the body. ET or essential tremor is not a life threatening disorder mostly and a person can easily have quality life living with it. Though some might face some difficulty doing routine activities like eating, writing or dressing, but overall one can live with it without much of a discomfort.

All About Essential Tremors

Tremors are known to be electrical activity of the brain of abnormal nature. Genetics could be a possible cause of ET in over half of the people because a child born to a parent with ET increases the chance of inheriting the same condition by 50%. ET is often seen in the elderly but its definitely cannot referred as a part of aging process.

The symptoms are visible tremors, where the particular affected area shakes uncontrollable, even voice could shake and head could nod as well. With increase in stress the shaking also increasing and decreases with rest. There could be balance problems as well but in rare cases.

Essential tremors are related to other disorders like headaches, migranes, Pariknson’s disease and even known to be a t high risk of getting dementia.

Treatment and Prevention
Treatment is required only in case of essential tremors of severe nature only. The treatment might include surgery or medications as per the severity levels.

Medicines – To reduce severity of essential tremors, medicines like Mysoline, Topamax, and tranquilizers like Ativan, Xanax and more are used. Sometimes Botox injections are used.

Surgery – The surgical alternative is called Deep brain stimulation or DBS and is used only in case of severe tremors even after use of medications.

Well, it is not all preventive because the root cause is not known but with the help of medications it can be kept under control significantly.

The Neurosurgery Department of Vydehi Institute of Medical Science & Research Centre has completed 500 major neurosurgical operations successfully in as many operating days. The Department boasts of state-of-the-art neurosurgical equipments, is now capable of treating all kinds of neurosurgical ailments at an affordable cost.

Weight Loss in one Causes Ripple Effect on the Other Spouse

The claim sounds bizarre but nevertheless is true and is based on the study of around 130 couples wherein 1/3rd of them lost body weight exceeding to 3% when their partners were on a weight loss regime even when they were not participating.

The study was carried out at the Institute of Collaboration of Health, Intervention and Policy of the Connecticut University and was called ‘the ripple effect’ by its author. The author further added that the effect was not limited to only romantic partners. A change in behavior of a person effects the others. Hence, when one of the spouses tries to watch their weight, this healthy behavior tends to benefit the life of others in their life as well. The study is not based on self reported analysis but is based on a controlled design study wherein the couple participants are checked as the program starts, three months onward and finally post six months.

Weight Loss

This study holds significance because is determines that any peer support be is spousal or otherwise do play a vital role in weight loss. This also includes the social media hash tags one gets.


Unlimited Intake
The diet plan included unlimited intake of green foods like all green leafy vegetables and salads, all meat, fish and poultry, full fat dairy, almond, nut and seed flours, all artificial sweeteners like Stevie and more.

Occasional Intake
The plan allowed an occasional intake of fruits like 1 cup blueberries, a small banana, orange, five carrots, mangoes, green grapes, 3 small figs and half a cup sweet potato.
Barred Intake

The diet plan had a list of red or forbidden foods and included breads, breakfast cereal, legumes and pulses, fruit juices, soya products, all processed foods, sugar, maple syrup, honey and most alcohols.

The behavioral psychologist said that spouses do tend to copy their partners behavior and start counting their own calories alongside as well, eat low fat food and even weigh themselves more frequently.

Well, it is good news in a way because even if one of the couple is determined to work towards weight loss, the partner might just get inspired unknowingly and shed of a few kilos.

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ADHD – Collection Of Different Disorders?

ADHD or Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as is it is known is a common disorder in human kind. Well, researchers have some news to share around the same now. As per the researchers, people with this condition are known to have impairments in brain. Further these impairments are unique in nature and hence it is very difficult to have a common explanation for the cause of this condition.

ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

The findings are based on the research carried out over 117 adolescents having ADHD. They were assessed for impulsive behavior which is known to be one of the most typical behavior in the condition. The study revealed that the participants had shown three different types of characteristics thus leading to creation of three sub categories –
Group 1 – Showed impulsive motor responses during fast moving visual tasks
Group 2 – Showed immediate reward preference
Group 3 – Showed normal behavior for both the tasks compared to 134 non ADHD adolescents

Though the researchers also made it clear that only cognitive testing could help distinguish ADHD patients of different subgroups. They also used the functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) to find out the relation between the impulsive behavior based test profiles and brain dysfunction. But, the results were negative as in the FMRI was not able to record and abnormality other than the core ADHD profile of the brain dysfunction in any of the subgroups because every subgroup showed dysfunction in different regions of the brain depending upon their specific brain impairment.

The results point towards the fact that every brain has different neural systems to manage the executive functions as well as reward processing that are known to contribute individually to the growth of ADHD symptoms.

Well, the study is at a preliminary level and hence as per the researchers it would definitely require detailed study in order to prove that ADHD is a collection of different disorders but this initial study does pave a path to it. The study would also help with effective treatments of people with these conditions because some ADHD medications might not just work well with one subgroup while it might work well with another work group. Hence, targeted treatment would be the approach to be taken because these findings do highlight that more than one factor is definitely responsible for psychiatric disorders like ADHD.

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Addiction – The Real Causes

Many of us often wonder why addicts cannot do away with their habit once they get hooked to it. Though, many of us feel that it is basically out of the pleasure that addicts indulge in stimulants and opioids like heroin, cocain,e and euphoria inducing ones like nicotine. They are umpteen myths around drug addictions as well doing the rounds for quite some time now. Here is a curtain-raiser for some of them.

Addiction The Real Causes

The two most common explanations around drug addictions are that compulsive drug addictions are a bad habit as it’s just that is done for getting a kick.
Now, here’s something to clear the fog away around this myth. If we dig deeper into the meaning of habit, it indicates the ability to do repetitive tasks and that’s about it. It’s just like your routine habits of brushing teeth or combing hair. Though these habits don’t get people hooked on to them and do not become compulsive or like an addiction.

Withdrawal is another important issue that needs to be handled properly because addictions like alcohol withdrawal could lead to death. Withdrawal leads to an unpleasant feeling that includes pain, chills, anxiety, and more if one stops the intake of the drug. This is one of the major reasons responsible for addicts not able to leave their addictions.

This brings us to two types of psychological experiences related to the brain namely liking and wanting. To explain the same with the help of an example like chocolate for example. Wanting would be the desire to have it once you see it in front of you while liking would be the experience you have once to eat it off. Now Dopamine produced by the brain is responsible for wanting only and not liking something.

We crave more drugs only because drugs trigger the need for dopamine, a feeling of wanting in the brain. With repeated use of drugs, the wanting thus grows but somewhere the liking goes stagnates, or decreases.

Talking about involuntary addicts who take opioids prescribed by doctors for pain apparently do it to relieve themselves from pain and that is how they perceive their idea of pleasure. Though over time the doses have to be increased as they develop intolerance about it. As a result the wanting also grows leading to an addiction of sorts. Hyperactive wanting leads to intense craving on seeing the drug or drug cue exposure. The effects are surely long-lasting and genetic factors do lead to increased risk.

As responsible citizens and family members, we also need to change our view of looking at addicts and that anyone of us can get affected by the same. Also, many times addicts are aware of the pain and suffering they are causing themselves and others but the craving is much stronger than their willpower to overcome it.

Well, we need to be compassionate and support people rather than distrust them or consider them as a disgrace.

Parasite inside human Eye

Yes, this is a fact, a 17-year-old teen had damaged his right eye due to the presence of a parasitic worm that was seen wriggling in and out of the eyeball of this teen when examined by the doctors in Mexico. Though, it was a little too late because the eye was already damaged by the time it was examined and the diagnosis was done and the boy had almost lost complete vision. The doctors tested his vision and came to know that he was not even able to count their fingers when held in front of the eye. The vision was blurred and he was able to see only hand motions. After a complete eye examination, it was found that the right eye was severely damaged.

Parasite inside human Eye

The freely moving worm had created many holes in the iris and his right cornea was swollen and had blood spots. The worm could not be traced easily because it made these holes its safe haven. The doctors had to work hard in removing the worm from the eye and for the same they had to first remove the lens and the vitreous humor surgically. It further came to light during the surgery that the worm had also severely damaged the retina of the teen.

The worm was identified as a fluke or a kind of trematode, usually found in species namely Schistosomagenus, fasciola, and Paragonimus, but its particular genus wasn’t known because it was not under the included list of trematodes and was seen for the very first time. It had an overall length of 3 mm was removed in bits and pieces.

Post the surgery the teen was given anti-parasitic medicines as well but there wasn’t seen any improvement as far as the vision is concerned even after six months post-surgery.

A Virtual Help to Track and Improve Your Moods – Woebot

I‘m not sure if all of you have heard about this one but Woebot, is one app that calls itself a life coach. As an automated conversational agent, it helps you track your mood patterns and helps reduce depression through therapeutic conversation. What’s more all of it with a dash of humor.

It is created by a team of Stanford psychologists and AI experts its is rather an inexpensive solution for helping you out with mental health issues like depression. It uses talk therapy and checks on you every day once. Though experts who have worked to create this virtual therapist of sorts do want us to know that it is only capable of knowing as much as you reveal to it and thus it is more like a self help book to you as it can only help as much as you want to help yourself.

Woebot communicates with you through facebook messenger. So, one of the setbacks with this is with the data protection or privacy as Facebook does have access to the information shared on this bot and apparently owns these conversations. The brighter side for users seems to be the availability of a therapists anytime anywhere, according to the over 100 long term users.

Its available 24/7 – This is one therapist that can be available to your round the clock.
Its a therapist – A survey of users did show that woebot does help in making you feel better
Its a mood tracker – It tracks the patterns of your mood around the week and display the same over a graph.
Its a Teacher – Yup! that’s right it does share some interesting content with yourself
Its a learner – Over time through conversations, it gets to know you better
Its a seeker – It finds patterns that are hard for humans to see

Let’s come to the bottomline. Yes, after sharing all this information on this virtual therapist or conversationalist, you would want to know about it, already. It does come at a cost but certainly less expensive to a physical affair.

We do not know to how much extent does woebot help a depressed or a low in mood person but it does claim to make a little positive difference in your mood. Well, to use it or not, is just a matter or individual choice.

Hopes Of HIV Cure Strengthen

Here is a good news on HIV treatment. It has so happened that a child diagnosed with HIV appears to be cured of it after just a year of treatment and living a drug free life after wards upto eight and a half years. The infant had contracted the HIV virus from its mother and went treatment for 40 continuous to suppress the virus. After that the child was monitored consistently to check for relapse, if any. But, to the surprise of the doctors, even now after almost 8.5 years without drugs, the child hasn’t shown any signs of relapse.

Cure HIV

The child is of South African origin. As of now the child is 10 years old and is not taking any drugs. Apparently, patients with HIV need to use anti-retroviral (ART or ARV) drugs all their life once diagnosed. Also known as elite controllers, if these drugs are stopped abruptly, the virus usually comes back roaring within just a few weeks.

This is one of the rare cases and there have been a few similar cases earlier. Well, as per experts, it is a ray of hope wherein there is a less possibility of relapse if the treatment is started immediately after the diagnosis of HIV. Some case studies in France include almost 30 people who had undergone ARVs for 3 years continuously and stopped treatment for various reasons theron. The HIV virus had remained undetected in these people for an average of 7 years without treatment. On the flip side, there was this case of an HIV patient who underwent treatment within 10 days of being infected with it. The treatment spread over a period of 34 weeks. After that, a massive sampling of his blood, spinal fluid, bone marrow, rectum and some more parts in the body was done, but the virus was not detected. However, once the blood sample of his was injected into a humanized mouse, it did resurface. As it was not detected, the treatment was discontinued, but the virus relapsed within 7 months.

Nevertheless, experts say that the case of non detection of HIV in the 10 year old South African is one of the rarest of cases yet, it does pave the way to research on not just long term remission of the virus in individuals who begin treatment immediately after detection but in investigating the effects of treatment on infants immediately after their birth as a part of sustained virological control of HIV.

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