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Dental Health Problems and Precautions

Dental health

Dental Health Problems

All our life we spend 1,000s of hours expressing our thoughts and feelings through our mouth and the same mouth is also used to feed ourselves to survive. Thus our mouth functions as the outlet to our thoughts and inlet to food for our survival. We use the same mouth to abuse someone and also abuses the mouth by not taking good enough care of it. Over one’s entire lifetime, people develop a variety of oral habits like smoking; chewing betel nut, tobacco; relishing sweet products. Each potentially a harmful habit, when they do not find time to take care of their oral cavity – mouth, gums, and teeth. Yes, ‘time’, because during the daytime, we all would be talking, eating, and drinking something. Thus the circulation of saliva does not allow the formation of patches of starch or sugar on or between teeth. But during the night as we sleep the mouth is immobile and the saliva circulation is negligible. This leads to the formation of the debris of starch and sugar between teeth. Over a period of time, this forms the tartar and plague. Continue reading