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How To Deal With Bad Breath On The Go

Bad breath is one of the common dental problems. Then again these days the work schedules of people be it men or women are hectic and many of them are traveling for work for days together. The most common dental problem that people face particularly when on the go. Bad breath can be embarrassing and makes them conscious too, which leads to distraction to some extent. So, here are a few tips to help you deal with bad breath without much ado.

Bad Breath

Drink Water – This is the simplest solution to manage bad breath. Try to drink at least three liters of water throughout the day. Water flushes away the food particles that get stuck in the mouth which further leads to bacteria feeding on them and ultimately causing bad breath. If you drink water at regular intervals, you will be able to keep bad breath at bay. Additionally, drinking more water helps your body in many ways.

Handy Dental Kit – Keep a travel kit ready which includes a small toothbrush and toothpaste that you can carry along. So, after a meal, if there’s a meeting you need to head for and want to feel fresh, you can quickly brush your teeth and avoid bacteria buildup. Do not forget to floss and clean your tongue daily even if you are traveling.

Mouth Fresheners – Always carry a mouth-freshener in your purse. But, this does not mean that you can do away with brushing your teeth. Brushing and flossing daily are important to keep your mouth free from bacteria as much as possible. Using sugar-free chewing gums or mint sucking does help to keep the mouth clean.

Avoid Certain Foods – Food that contain starch or refined carbohydrates like potato chips, fried foods, sugary foods, to name a few. So, the best way to manage to either avoid these foods when on the go or ensure that you clean up your teeth so that as to keep bad breath away.

Floss It Away – In your dental kit, do keep a few floss sticks and at least every night flosses your teeth before going to bed. Cleaning your teeth with floss and your tongue is a good daily ritual that you need to follow alongside brushing. Don’t ignore this ritual and see how it helps you deal with your bad breath problems.

Dental Health Problems and Precautions

Dental health

Dental Health Problems

All our life we spend 1,000s of hours expressing our thoughts and feelings through our mouth and the same mouth is also used to feed ourselves to survive. Thus our mouth functions as the outlet to our thoughts and inlet to food for our survival. We use the same mouth to abuse someone and also abuses the mouth by not taking good enough care of it. Over one’s entire lifetime, people develop a variety of oral habits like smoking; chewing betel nut, tobacco; relishing sweet products. Each potentially a harmful habit, when they do not find time to take care of their oral cavity – mouth, gums, and teeth. Yes, ‘time’, because during the daytime, we all would be talking, eating, and drinking something. Thus the circulation of saliva does not allow the formation of patches of starch or sugar on or between teeth. But during the night as we sleep the mouth is immobile and the saliva circulation is negligible. This leads to the formation of the debris of starch and sugar between teeth. Over a period of time, this forms the tartar and plague. Continue reading