Rheumatoid Arthritis and exercise skeptics

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Most of us who are aware of Rheumatoid arthritis, also know that People suffering from rheumatoid arthritis are skeptical around exercising and many try to avoid it due to the fear of aggravating join pain. This is nothing but ignorance around the subject. Ask experts and they’ll say that apparently exercise is the best way to curb joint pain or deal with arthritis.

Apparently, Rheumatoid arthritis does aggravate the muscle mass loss that occurs as you age. Well, exercise helps in rebuilding the mass and aerobics further could help in lung and heart strengthening. Rheumatoid arthritis also leads to bone density loss or osteoporosis and exercises like walking and weight lifting could actually help in preventing the same too.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Additionally, exercise helps in keep you fit and also decrease fatigue and depression. It also makes the muscles strong and increase flexibility levels thus aiding joint functioning. There have been various studies that do show that rheumatoid arthritis does not worsen with exercise. But, if you are suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis then it is advisable to choose low impact exercises like walking, swimming, and bicycling or water aerobics. Here’s a run down some of the exercises that could help you manage your condition.


  1. Cycling – With RA you need to understand that your heart needs to be kept healthy and cycling is the best option for the same. It helps build your muscles, decrease stiffness and increase leg strength.

  2. Hand exercises – People with RA many a times tend to make minimal use of their hands. But, hand exercises like moving wrists, stress ball exercises as well as spreading fingers can help improve flexibility levels.

  3. Pilates – New in the exercise and training circle pilates is becoming popular fast due to its amazing effects in muscles and joint strengthening.

  4. Walking – Walking is a sort of exercise that effects your overall wellness positively be it heart and joint health or mood. Only point to be kept in mind is to wear proper shoes and keep yourself hydrated.

  5. Water Exercises – Water exercises are a good choice because they ensure that your joints are not impacted. These include water aerobics, swimming as well as gentle flexing in water. It helps in decreasing stiffness of joints as well as joint stress.


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